What are the hottest summer sex toys this season?  As the weather heats up and the kids get out of school, your needs change.  You’re no longer home hibernating.  You’ve shed your winter skin.  As the temperature increases, so does your libido!  Fantasy Gifts NJ has the toys you need to make sure this is the hottest summer ever!

  1.  Travel Friendly Toys.  Hopefully you are one of the 51 million Americans who plan to travel this summer.  Whether you’re traveling far or just enjoying a staycation, we know what you’ll be doing and it won’t be the dishes!  Make sure your toys are travel friendly too!  Many toys now come with travel safe locks to avoid that embarrassing buzzing when you go through airport security.  Lubricants and massage oils also come in a variety of TSA-friendly sizing so you can pack your favorite products when you leave home.  And don’t forget to pack a massage candle and some new, flirty lingerie!
  2. Sensation Play Toys.  As days heat up consumers are looking for ways to cool down. Enter temperature-play toys.  According to Sexpert Sunny Rodgers, “while summer is a sexy time of year, many partners find the heat makes them avoid intimate body contact. Sex toys made with temperature-friendly materials offer a way to cool down and also heat things up. Glass and metal toys are perfect for frosty friskiness. Easily cooled, these temperature play toys can offer a chilling sensation of pleasure.”  And don’t forget to trying cooling lubricants for an extra burst of cool.
  3. Quiet and Waterproof Toys.  The kids are home which means less opportunity to have loud sex.  Thankfully, many toys are now so quiet, your kids will never have to hear them.  And don’t forget to check out waterproof toys.  Summer is the perfect time for water play, whether in your hot tub, swimming pool or your own bathtub or shower.  Look for toys that are water submersible as opposed to just splash proof to get the most fun out of your toys.
  4. Rechargeable Toys.  The days are lasting longer and so is your libido.  Don’t lose out on a great orgasm because your batteries died.  Many rechargeable toys will last for days on one charge so they’ll go as long as you do!

With thanks to Sunny Rodgers for these ideas.  Sunny is the brand manager for Pipedream Products, Jimmy Jane and Sir Richards.

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