5 Sex Toys For New Couples

You may be a new couple and are still in the getting-to-know-you phase, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep things vanilla in the bedroom. In fact, this is the perfect time to start getting acquainted with your partner’s preferences and maybe even discover something new you both enjoy.

Try spicing up your new relationship with our collection of sex toys for couples in NJ and fuel your desire for each other for the long run.

5 Sex Toys & Games For New Couples

Check out these five playful products from Fantasy Gifts NJ for new couples like you:

1. Chocolate Tease Body Painting Game

The Chocolate Tease Body Painting Game is a doubly delicious game that will whet your appetite for chocolate and for passion. Both you and your partner will end up as winners if you take on the luscious chocolate challenges as a couple. This foreplay game comes with 30 Chocolate Tease cards, 1 chocolate jar, and 2 brushes.

2. Bodywand Tease and Please Set

Tickle each other’s senses with the Bodywand Tease and Please Set. Start out with silly tickling that leads to fun and laughter, then gradually heat things up through seductive teasing. Stimulate your partner’s most sensitive areas through sensual tickling with this set’s feather tickler. This set also comes with a blindfold, ribbon ties, 24 playing cards, and the bestselling Bodywand massager.

3. Cloud 9 Voice Touch G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Discover the pleasures of the G-Spot together as a couple through the Cloud 9 Voice Touch G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. This teal green vibrator is activated by the sound of a voice or music. This battery-operated adult toy showcases 10 functions of vibration, which is made possible by its dual motors.

4. Creative Kisses Game

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s to play the Creative Kisses Game with your sweetheart. You can learn 101 new ways to kiss each other with the help of this inspiring game. Let your kisses lead you to something more thrilling in the bedroom. Even Cupid will get jealous when you play this romantic game.

5. Let’s Get Kinky Dice

Start rolling the Let’s Get Kinky Dice to experience a kinky time with your lover. Let this special dice for adults determine which body parts of your partner you will be teasing, what items you will be using, and how long you should keep it up. Don’t forget to take turns! Get ready for a night with the Let’s Get Kinky Dice.

Try More Sex Toys for New Couples From Fantasy Gifts NJ

Perhaps you’ve only just begun your sensual adventures in the bedroom with your partner. After you try these five sex toys and games, check out more Fantasy Gifts NJ products that are specially designed to maximize the joys of new couples.

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