5 Ways To Encourage Open Communication in the Bedroom

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Not everyone is comfortable discussing their personal desires with their partner. Whether it’s comfort levels or desires for intimate touch, encouraging open communication can build a new level of intimacy and trust with your partner. Working on communication ensures that you are both heard and comfortable.

Why Communicating About Sex Is Important in a Healthy Relationship

Being open about sex in a relationship is vital because:

●       It builds trust and comfort

●       It strengthens bonds and connections

●       It allows you to explore sexual desires and fantasies that turn on your partner

So, how can we improve our communication in the bedroom?

5 Ways To Open up in the Bedroom

There are several simple ways in which you can communicate about sex to your partner once you have established that you are comfortable with each other.

Follow these steps to have a happier and more satisfying sex life:

Discuss With Them

Sharing “I love you’s” with each other and being honest about your feelings might be all you need to spark intimacy together.

 It may be difficult for other couples to express their feelings and desires. You can always have starting points to establish intimate discussions and grow into deeper desires.

Learning Preferences 

Paying attention to what your partner likes or what they enjoy most can add to the intimacy. Part of communicating is also listening. When your partner openly enjoys something it opens a door for new conversations.

Make a Bucket List

A fun and exciting activity for a couple is to create a bucket list of sexual fantasies or desires they would like to experience.

This activity is perfect for older couples looking to re-ignite their relationship and spark intimacy once again.

Body Language

If you’re a new couple, then maybe your partner isn’t quite as comfortable and open yet when it comes to discussing sex.

If this is the case, then you can encourage communication through body language. Try to express that you’re relaxed and open to discussion by aligning your body with theirs, maintaining a relaxed posture, leaning in, and mirroring their body language.

Never Hesitate To Try New Things

If intimacy is starting to dwindle, then maybe it’s the best time to do something new. This could include sex toys, role-playing, or foreplay.

It may appear a little awkward at first, but with open communication, we assure you that you and your partner can find something you both enjoy. 

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