Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette PartyIt’s Bridal Season!  At Fantasy Gifts, this season is right up there with Christmas and Valentine’s Day!  Let’s face it, you simply cannot get decent bachelorette novelties at Party City.  Whether you’re looking for simple and tasteful or naughty and nasty, Fantasy Gifts has you covered!  Bachelorette Parties encompass so many novelties – there’s tableware and decor, novelties, edibles, games and clothing to name a few.  So to make things easy, let’s break this blog down and just focus on decor first.

I’ll be honest – you can probably get simple and tasteful at Target or Party City.  But even if that’s the route you’re going, you can still throw in a little bling to keep the party interesting! Start with your color scheme.  Most bachelorette decorations are pink – but don’t let that define you.  Pick the bride’s favorite colors.  You can stay bright and fun and avoid pink all together.

At Fantasy Gifts we have a significant lesbian population who thankfully are now able to marry in New Jersey.  We also have a number of older brides.  These groups tend to eschew anything pink or penis related.  No worries, although we do have your typical pink and penis plates, we also feature plates with no penis’ or pink in sight!  One of our favorite plates, the Let’s Party Plates work well for a host of occasions and also have corresponding napkins, straws, table centerpieces, and more!

glitterati metallic penis platesPenis CakeBut let’s face it, most brides do want the whole fun penis themed!  It’s about the only time in your life you can feed you grandmother Penis Pasta Salad.  You can serve drinks in our Dicky Chug Sports Bottle or  throw in some Penis Ice Cubes and serve them up in the Sexy Bitch Pimp Cup.  Appetizers can be served using our Pecker Cocktail Picks.  And of course, no bachelorette party is complete without a giant Penis Cake topped with penis party candles and Pecker Cake Sprinkles.  Enjoy!

* Updated on January 11, 2023 to update broken links and product information.

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