A Review of the Jimmy Jane Focus by Lady Genevieve

In my review of the Jimmy Jane Focus I learned a few things. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOW I ATE MY WORDS: I’m not normally one to judge a book by its cover.. unless it is Jimmy Jane book.. and by book I mean vibrator.  I know they are well known and have had wonderful reviews from big magazines, however, sometimes I wondered how true they were.  I have had some customers and even family and friends purchase their products and did not seem to be fans of their functionality.  It truly is a shame because some of the stuff they have looks so unique, cute, not scary or confusing, and the company appears very popular with major name magazines.

Jimmy Jane Focus Sonic Vibrator
Jimmy Jane Focus Sonic Vibrator

I was given the Focus Sonic Vibrator by Jimmy Jane and I will admit, my initial thought was “oh here we go, I’m going to have to give a not so nice review again.”  At the same time, I thought “okay, similar head to the zumio.. maybe this will be different.”  When I am wrong, I admit it and when I am right, I make sure I let EVERYONE know, so you’re all going to hear about both (You’re probably thinking “Really what’s the point, Genevieve?” I’m an I-told-you-so-er so that’s why and I’m putting myself in my place).

First things first: yes, it is loud.  I want you all to know that right off the bat.  Bad qualities are exactly the best starting point in selling something HOWEVER I do NOT want you to be surprised and mad about it.  Even with the silicone tops, it is loud.  I really like that this product only has intensity levels, it makes finding the right level that much easier.  I first decided to use the Focus without any tops and I have to admit, it was amazing!  I’ve previously mentioned how I noticed one side of my clit is my go-to and the ABS plastic head hit exactly where I wanted it to be and did the job beautifully.  So of course, I moved onto the heads. 

Jimmy Jane Focus Heads

The first one I tried was the Embrace – it is cupped like silicone head that supposedly cups the curves of your clit and can be used for nipples and other areas.  Sadly, I was not impressed with this head as it did reduce the feeling of the vibrations even at the highest level.  I also found it difficult to pinpoint my spot using that head.  Nipple use was alright, however I can’t use it in two different places at once and I preferred it elsewhere. 

The second head I used, called Caress, was a two-textured head (bristles on one side and lines on the other), which unfortunately reduced the vibrations even more… although the box does say this is more for gentle vibrations (this is why you should always read EVERYTHING).  After this, I really paid attention to the thickness of the heads and they are definitely thicker (looking) than the 3rd head.  Aim is… perfectly named.  It is a thinner silicone head than the other two and has an even more pin-point tip.  I threw this baby on and had a full body orgasm before I knew it.  I forgot how loud it was and couldn’t have cared less – it was marvelous (also, thank god no one was around).  If anyone every tries to tell me that they were not originally a fan or heard unkind things about this brand, the least I can do is show them this product out of all of them and make them a believer like the Focus did.

Jimmy Jane Focus Packaging

Now back to Earth I go, giving the basics: 4 intensity levels, 3 silicone heads (the Focus is primarily silicone with the primary head being ABS plastic and still safe to use).  It really is an easy to hold design with one button that is also very easy to find (insert clapping emoji’s here).  It is USB rechargeable – 90 minutes of charge time for 60 minutes of use) and will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.  1 year warranty and only splashpoof (okay for washing and shower, but do not submerge).  It is in the higher price category, however, it is a good quality product as far as manufacturing goes (and I can honestly say this about all Jimmy Jane products).  Not to say that any clitoris/vagina owner couldn’t use this, I would easily recommend this more for someone who does know their body well and prefers the pinpoint design and likes better known brand names.

My review of the Focus by Jimmy Jane is it’s amazing! Like I said, when I’m wrong, I admit it, and when I am right, I want everyone to know.
Stay Sexual!

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