A Woman’s Guide to Splashing in the Tub

Rub a Dub Dub. . . A Woman’s Guide to Splashing in the Tub!

Shower Me With Self Love:

This might just qualify as the easiest of all the female masturbation techniques used in the bathroom. A detachable shower head if you happen to have one, is a perfect tool for the job at hand. The fact that it is detachable, allows you to point the stream of water it produces anywhere you would like. I like to begin with a tease, get myself in the mood, by allowing the water to create that familiar tingle first. I might tease my breasts and nipples long before the water ever reaches the more delicate parts that are found between my legs.

If you happen to own a massage head for the shower then you are in for a real treat. Being able to vary the power and pulsations of the water as it hits your skin, can add a completely new dimension to you masturbation session. Even if your shower head is not detachable you can still use it as a masturbation tool. Simply lie on the bottom of the tub beneath the shower head and let the water do it’s work. It doesn’t get much simpler than this method, although it may take some repositioning to find what works best for you.

Under The Faucet:

This method is a real treat for anyone who does not have a shower and can only their tub for the purpose of self pleasure. Begin by scooting your bum all the way to the front of the tub, so you can place you vulva directly under the running faucet. This is a method that I have found works slightly better if you are petite or are flexible. You can achieve a similar effect by kneeling on all fours in the tub and scooting back so that the water from the faucet will run down the back of your butt and onto your vulva.

This can be a difficult things to get just right, but in my experience is worth the effort if you do not have access to a shower head. Lay down in the bath with your legs opened wide. Then open the tap as fast as it goes, (on cold), letting the water run on your clit. Make sure there is a lot of pressure flowing out of the tap. After a few minutes turn the water to a hotter temperature, being careful not to burn yourself. It feels so great, better then sex or a dildo, but make sure your legs are as wide as they can go for maximum effect.

A Girls Best Friend Should Be Waterproof…

One of the easiest and quickest ways to have some fun in the tub, is with the help of a little friend called the waterproof vibrator. If you are going to add in a waterproof toy to your self play, there are a few safety tips you might just want to follow:

‘Splashproof’ simply means a toy will withstand bodily fluids and some splashing but it’s not suitable for the tub or the shower. Make sure the toy is actually waterproof, and can be fully submerged. The problem with this statement is that most vibrators made for the tub, or that are sold as waterproof doesn’t always mean that it is submergible – it just means that it can withstand water use to an extent. So make sure that it says it can be fully submerged before you plunge it.

Just as a precaution after use, make sure that you take the battery(-ies) out and leave covers off to make sure everything airs out.

If you are willing to invest there are some great waterproof toys out there and one of my favorites is the JimmyJane Form 2. It can be fully submerged and does not require batteries. If that is out of your price range you can find cheaper options.

This might sound obvious but please don’t use electric toys in the tub or shower. Electrocution is neither sexy or fun. If it has a power cord attached make sure it stays away from the bathroom would be my best advise here.

Invest in a good lubricant. A good silicone lube like Pure Eros is one of your best options here. If you are planning on using it with silicone toys, then you will want to get the Jack Aide High Density Hybrid. The reason I recommend Jack Aide hybrid is because it is safe to use with condoms and toys, and it offers you a water resistant lube that will last much longer than any water based lubricant.

Invest in silicone lube. It works much, much better in the water and doesn’t rinse right off like water based lube does. Yeah, you’ll need soap and water to get it all the way off, but it lasts longer in a wet environment. Just make sure any sex toys you’re using with silicone lube aren’t also made out of silicone as this will degrade your toy more quickly.

Fingers Are Free:
you knows those things that are at the end of your hands, yep, your fingers, they can be put to good use for self pleasure with in the bathroom as well. The upside of using your fingers is they are free, always available, and can be used with a combination of any of the other methods described here. You could for example: Use a dildo internally whilst playing with your clitoris with your fingers, and all while lying back and relaxing in the tub.

Electric Toothbrushes, Shampoo Bottles, Oh My…
Sometimes it’s fun to get creative when masturbating, and the bathroom offers a myriad of possibilities. If you don’t want to invest in a sex toy, we have had visitors share that they use an electric toothbrush to add a special tingle to their clits.

Others have reported using small shampoo bottles. Take an empty shampoo bottle. Don’t stick it in our anything, just fill it up with warm water, then squirt it on your clit. Also, when it’s empty, squeeze it, then put it on your clit. Release it and it’ll give a nice good suck. Actually that raises an important safety point and is something to always remember when using found objects for self pleasure. Use your common sense! Razors are designed to cut hair, not your clitoris and the blade should always be removed before you try this method for example.

So there you have a run down of the five most common ways to have fun in the bathroom. Enjoy!

* This blog was updated on September 6, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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