Staying Sexual at Any Age

Aging and Sex. Just because you are not a teenager or even middle aged doesn’t mean that that you have lost interest in sex. While everyday life and its obligations – not to mention any medical issues you or a partner may have – can and will get in the way of your sex life, it doesn’t mean the end of your sexual experiences. When you were younger the thought of your parents having sex may not have even crossed your mind and if it did it probably wasn’t the most pleasant of associations, but guess what!?! They were sexually active even though it was hidden and now that you’re their age it’s hard to find information on what is normal for ones age group.

While researching this topic I found an article written by Dr. Laura Berman that was well written and informative about aging and sex. I give you the link below so you can read the entire article but basically it comes down to this – if you think you’re not supposed to have sex when you’re older you probably won’t and if you want to keep on having sex you probably will.

Dr. Laura Berman Great Sex After 50

There are changes in health that do occur with aging that can affect your sex life. Normal changes for women include: a decrease in sex hormones, a decrease in vaginal lubrication, and loss of muscle tone. Changes in men include: slower erection times, smaller volume of sperm and semen leakage. Other issues that may affect sexual expression as you age are: addiction issues, side effects to prescription drugs, chronic illness, depression, and obesity.

As people age, sexual activity generally decreases, however, the amount of sexual interest and ability remains fairly constant. If your sexuality is constant throughout life, the biological changes associated with aging are less pronounced and sexuality is usually less affected. Understanding that sexuality is normal and natural in old age is an important step to realizing and becoming more comfortable with your own sexuality. There’s more to sexuality than just vaginal intercourse. There are many other forms of intimate expression ranging from holding hands, to kissing, to masturbation and oral sex. Understanding that these options are available and acceptable can enrich sexual expression greatly.

Sexual activity is possible and takes place through the 70s and beyond! “Sexual health” can be beneficial to the overall health of an elderly individual. The most important thing to remember is you’ve got to use it or lose it! A regular sex life is good for you! Whether you have a partner who can participate or you regularly masturbate, the body needs the physical sexual responses to stay healthy. The emotional responses are just as important, too. A healthy attitude towards ones sexual health can help with overall health issues, not to mention just feeling satisfied with life in general.

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