inflatable sex toys

Inflatable sex toys are all the rage right now! If you are looking for innovation, look no farther than the adult industry. Many cutting edge technology has been developed to help customers achieve better orgasms! Inflatable sex toys have been designed to address the problem that one size does not fit all! Our bodies come in many shapes and forms. Sex toys, while they do come in different lengths and girths, now offer a third weapon in their arsenal.

Many people, women in particular, find that an inflatable sex toy can help them achieve the perfect fit. A women’s vagina was made to expand for child birth. During different times in a women’s cycle, her body goes through natural changes. Sometimes things feel tight, sometimes things are a little looser. For some, the opening to their vagina is small yet a small sex toy does not give them that girthy feel they desire internally.

According to Rebecca Weinberg in XBiz, “Inflatable toys typically start as sleek, smooth, firm shapes that are relatively manageable in size, allowing users to control what size they eventually expand to. Whether inserted vaginally or anally, an inflatable toy can be used as an introductory tool for more advanced play like fisting, graduating to using larger toys, or simply enjoying the feeling of increased fullness that they provide.”

Inflatable sex toys can be used vaginally or anally. They come in different materials and price points. For those users with latex sensitivities, we recommend using a silicone product. As with any sex toy, never forget the lube! Because sex toys inflate, there is a small danger they can pop like a balloon if they over inflate. Make sure you check the inflation prior to inserting so you do not exceed the breaking point. Inflatables will also come with a valve to immediately decrease the air and allow the toy to be easily removed at anytime. Again, make sure you check where the valve release is prior to insertion.

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