Similar to other forms of media such as pornography, magazines, erotic book and others, audio erotica is a way to produce erotic content and entertainment that help with sexual and sensual arousal. Audio erotica can come in various forms such as romance, fan fiction, a long single story, a whole series, kink/fetish, guides to masturbation, and even just ASMR sounds that one may hear or experience while watching porn or having their own sexual experience. There are no set rules to what is considered erotic audio so anyone can listen or create just about anything that suits their desires! There are now many apps and websites that have large selections of stories such as LELO, Literotica, and even mainstream companies such as Audible!

lovense nora rabbit vibrator
Lovense Nora Rabbit

Tips To Enjoyment

There are so many ways to enjoy audio erotica, and here are some tips to help get you in the mood:

  • Decide if you want to enjoy this as a solo session or with a partner: Sure, most of audio erotica is geared to masturbation, but there are no rules that state you can’t have your partner enjoying sensory play either! If you do want to play by yourself, you can use this type of erotica to relax after a long day of work, to prepare for other sexual activities or increase their desire and even out in public to engage in some voyeuristic fun!
  • Make sure you create your own playlist so if you’re taking it slow, you can avoid messing up your vibes. If you’ve been using erotic audio for a while now, make sure you keep some of your faves on that list so you know it will take you to where you want to go by the end of your playlist.
  • Don’t forget the toys! We have plenty of toys, such as We-Vibe and Satisfyer, that utilize apps that connect to music or your specific playlist that will also vibrate to the rhythm of the audio. Also, Lovense is doing some trailblazing in the industry in many ways – for camming, for online communities, and for VR reality! Almost their whole line connects to bluetooth and some even connect to one another so you can experience sexual sensory experiences in multiple ways (including audio erotica)!

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