Ball stretching is exactly what it sounds like – stretching your testicles. Ball stretching has been around for a while, but there has been a recent uptick in penis owners asking for products that would help them get started or that are strong enough to hold weights they already have at home. Aside from the arousal aspect of ball stretching, there are actually a few reasons why there is a following to this practice and how to get started.

Benefits of Ball Stretching

Weighted Lasso Ring
Weighted Lasso Ring
  1. Arousal is the primary reason testicle owners start stretching their scrotums. Light but intentional pressure can provide a pleasurable feeling during solo play.
  2. Lower hanging balls can make partnered intercourse feel better, especially when the tapping of testicles against skin feels great for both the giver and receiver.
  3. It may cause prolonged orgasms as the semen takes longer to travel from the testicles through and they cannot contract as easily while stretched.
  4. It can improve stamina overtime as your testicles will be trained to tolerate the additional pressure and reduce sensitivity experienced during intercourse or other sexual activity.
  5. There are tons of forums with comments from both men and women stating they find lower hanging testicles more aesthetically pleasing in a partner.
  6. The feeling of wearing a ball stretcher in itself just feels good and not in a sexual way – think of it like a weighted blanket!
  7. It isn’t always done in a fetishized fashion, but it can be for those interested in branching out and finding the kink that right for them.

Getting Started

Weighted Ball Stretcher
Weighted Ball Stretcher

There are plenty of websites out there that suggest several different ways to stretch and a few that suggest it comes in phases, however, all agree that one can begin with manual stretching. You begin by making the ‘OK’ symbol with your hands (your thumb and index finder touching) around the scrotum and with the palm of the same hand on your testicles, you light start pulling down and stretching your scrotum away from your body. You can do this and hold for a few seconds and then release and repeat. Some forums suggest that you can begin to see a difference right away, but it will take time and continued stretching for your testicles to stay lower for longer. Another way to begin ball stretching is by using weighted rings and working your way up in weights or stacking tighter cock rings around your scrotum.

Similar to stepping into any new sexual practice or kink, go slow and make sure you are listening to your body or your own boundaries. It is one thing to hurt yourself intentionally (and safely), but it is another to do something that goes beyond your knowledge to a place of not so pleasurable pain and even dangerous territory.

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