I don’t know about you, but America’s favorite pastime can sometimes feel like watching paint dry! Nine innings is a LONG stretch so while you’re waiting for your favorite pitcher to warm up, how about breaking up the time with some sexy games?

There has always been a link between sports and sex.

The connection between sex and baseball begins when we are young and on the playground.  It starts innocently.  To get to first base means you managed the most innocent of tasks – kissing.  However, as we age, the metaphor ages with us.  Second base – under the shirt contact.  Third base – down the shirt contact.  And of course, a home run means “going all the way.” So why now make sexy game during baseball? Pick a favorite player -if they make it to first base, so does your partner, and vice versa! If he’s a switch hitter, then maybe switch to anal!

Or play the strip poker version of Call the Play! Choose a side (fly ball or ground ball), and whoever gets it wrong has to remove an article of clothing. If the at bat results in a strikeout, both parties have to remove something. If the batter gets walked, you each get to select one dirty deed for your partner to perform.

Another variation of this is choosing whether the batter will safely reach base or get out. Tentative title: “Out or Not.” If they’re out, go all our with a make out session until the next batter is up.

“There are only two seasons—winter and baseball.” — Bill Veeck

Need some inspiration?

The game Bedroom Baseball is perfect to help you pass the time! Simply make your way around the bases performing foreplay activities as instructed on the game squares and collect Home Run cards along the way. Oh, and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty when you are sliding into home! Includes game board, 50 activity cards, 2 game tokens, and 1 spinner.

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