With battery powered toys seemingly making a comeback into the toy industry (per customer requests), we figured it’s time to take a good hard look at the pros and cons of battery powered vs. rechargeable toys!

Battery Powered

FemmeFunn ffix Rabbit
FemmeFunn ffix Rabbit

Sure, battery powered toys were an innovation of the century (at one point), but had taken a back seat for a while because their cons did outweigh the pros. I mean, you had something less powerful (once rechargeable toys were introduced), and the batteries were always an extra cost if you didn’t buy them before leaving the store or thought you had some at home and didn’t – yes, we have all taken batteries from those annoying toys for our own use thankyewverymuch. However, battery bowered toys have had quite the glow up with powerful vibrations behind them as if they were rechargeable. And of course, with inflation still having us in a chokehold, they are the more inexpensive option.


calexotics california dreaming huntington beach heartbreaker
California Dreaming Huntington Beach Heartbreaker

While how many rechargeable toys are found in our store, it will almost make you think that rechargeable is the reigning champion of this industry. That’s probably wrong. It has been the more environmentally friendly option and if you love a toy a lot, probably worth the investment in a rechargeable product. Sure, majority of rechargeable toys are now waterproof BUT when you flood the market with a specific type of thing, it’s hard to find anything else. And all those cords… that you can only use for ONE specific toy and oh wait, which one was it again? Our very own Lady Genevieve labels her cords and more often than not, wishes she didn’t.

There are are always going to be pros and cons to buying on or the other, but it’s how you use it (or often) that will probably be your best determination.

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