Be Your Best Self on National Lingerie Day

National Lingerie Day is April 24th! This is more than just a marketing opportunity! It’s a chance to celebrate positive body image! Because lingerie is to make you feel pretty – no matter your shape. How can you be your best self while wearing lingerie?

  • Wear lingerie confidently – find your inner goddess! Trust us, if you feel you look good, you do!
  • Accentuate your features – big boobs sometimes come with a bigger tummy! So accentuate the rack and camo the belly! Smaller breasts – try a push up. There’s always something to flaunt – try picking your best color to flatter your eyes and skin tone.
  • Minimize area where you do not feel the most comfortable. Babydolls and long nightgowns can still be sexy even if they are more concealing. Or try a sheer nightshirt with a panty or g-string.
  • Wear what YOU like, not your partner. If you like it, your partner will like it. If you don’t like it, it doesn’t matter what your partner may think they like, you won’t wear it confidently and comfortably.
  • Make sure it fits well. This is key. You won’t feel sexy if your lingerie is too big or small or has annoying underwire cutting into you or thong strap riding into your crack.

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