Bedroom Games for Adults

Sex, especially with a partner, shouldn’t be serious all the time – it needs to be fun and light and filled with laughter! Sometimes that fun can come in he form of playing games! Use them as foreplay or a way to guide your sex life into a new dimension our sex shop near Philadelphia has all the games you’ll need to explore a new passion with your partner!

Adult Cards Games

Card games are always a blast (unless it’s Uno and everyone plays by the no mercy rule). Here, we have card games that place one partner in a position of power, such as our Bedroom Commands. We also have the Tantric Sex card game that slow things down a little and allow you to appreciate you and your partners bodies as they become one. Either way, card games are a great way to try something new and are easy to store and travel with!

Board Games in the Bedroom

Sure, board games may need a bit more space and you may be more involved in them than having penetrative sex with a partner, however they still create a great sense of intimacy when playing together. Monogamy is our top seller for couples who are trying to reconnect and they can do so while playing a great game meant just for the two of them! If you’re more interested in trying new positions or exploring different sexy idea, than you may want to get your hands on the Sex! Board Game.

Sexy Dice

Dice are definitely one of our more common games that equal as toys for couples trying to spice things up and for a good reason! They’re tiny, easy to store and easy to swipe out of your way after some foreplay. Speaking of foreplay – have you tried our Sexy 6 Dice Foreplay Edition? And when you’re ready to jump into different positions, how about some 4 Sex Dice?!

Notes and Coupons as Foreplay

Notes, coupons and vouchers are always great as a way to flirt with your partner and get them thinking about you all day (consider it foreplay)! Leave a sexy note for your partner somewhere cute. Or maybe they did something super extra for you, give them a coupon and get excited when they go to collect it!

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Bedroom Game to Spice Up Your Pleasure

There are so many other ways to get your partner excited and trying something new, but games are always a good and inexpensive start! Fantasy Gifts is the best place to buy sexy, bedroom games for adults and our filled shelves are here to prove it!

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