best bridal shower gifts

If you’re looking for the best bridal shower gifts, skip the department stores and the boring registeries. If you really want to give a gift that both the bride AND groom will want, check out our list of the best gifts and decor for the bachelorette season!

Sexy Dice: Sexy Dice are a cheap easy add on that can make any wedding gift seem more suggestive. Pair it with a “practical” gift to make the bridal shower more fun! For example, if you’re gifting an iron, add Sex Around the House Dice!

Lingerie: Lingerie is always a safe bet. And with so many styles that are one size fits most, you really can’t go wrong! Just remember, like buying a swimsuit, when in doubt, go up one size!

Wearables: Now that we’re nearing the end of COVID restrictions, we can finally celebrate our bachelorettes loud and proud! Make sure they’re wearing a veil, tiara, sash or t-shirt that screams BRIDE for maximum impact!

Party Games: We’ve probably all played “Cards Against Humanity” one too many times if we know that Daniel Radcliff’s asshole always wins! Luckily we have a great selection of drinking and conversation games to get the drinks flowing and the party started!

Games for Couples: A cute game for couples is the perfect gift! It’ll make sure they never get bored in bed together! A game like Fifty Way to Tease You Lover will last them a while!

Sex Toy Kits: You know you want to give the bride a vibrator, but how to choose which one? A sex toy kit is a great way to gift the couple sex toys in a fun package!

Party Supplies and Decor: whether you want a true “penis” themed bachelorette or just a girls gone wild theme, we have a full selection of plates, napkins, shot glasses, balloons and so much more to set the stage for a fun party!

glitterati confetti balloons

Edibles: Not those edibles (although we have those too!). No, we mean fun candies shaped like penises, boobs or even vaginas and spermies! Not only are they delicious, you really haven’t lived until you’ve served Grandma a delicious pasta salad made with our penis pasta!

Sex Coupons: Like sexy dice, sec coupons are another cheap easy add on that’ll ensure the happy couples keeps the romance alive (at least for a while!)

Furry Handcuffs and Blindfolds: You probably aren’t gifting a ball gag (although if you are, more power to you!). But because the concept of marriage is all about bondage anyway, some light bondage gifts like handcuffs and blindfolds are always appropriate – and appreciated!

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