Have you ever been to a White Elephant party? If you’re not familiar with the term, a White Elephant is a gift, sometimes extravagant, always impractical that cannot easily be disposed of. The term is said to have come from the King of Siam who used to give a white elephant to people who he did not like, knowing the cost of caring for the animals would financially ruin them.

Today white elephant gifts are usually not extravagant and are not as mean-spirited. White Elephant gifts are now funny, often naughty, gifts that people often fight over. A White Elephant party usually works like this:

  • Everyone brings a wrapped gift
  • An order is established (youngest to oldest, fattest to skinniest, etc.)
  • Players take turns either choosing to open a wrapped gift or “stealing” one that’s already been opened.
  • Set your own rules about how to set the order, how many “steals” are allowed and what happens once a present gets stolen in advance.

If you want to have the gift everyone fights over at the next White Elephant party – consider bringing one of these fun gifts. Most of them are under $25.00!

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