In case you haven’t heard, masturbation is considered a cure for the side effects of COVID-19. Even New York has declared that the safest sex you can have is with yourself!

While we are all stuck at home, the ability to meet people, date, or even hook up have disappeared. Even if you are staying home with a partner – you might be more likely to strangle them then to have sex with them!

No matter what your sexual situation, Fantasy Gifts NJ has everything from toys to ease tensions and keep things exciting for quarantined couples to app-controlled vibrators for those separated, and of course, devices for those going solo.

We Vibe Chorus

We’ve been singing the praises of We Vibe since the company was founded in 2003. If you’ve never tried a We Vibe product, there is no better time! Their app-control products mean that you and your partner can interact together even if you’re socially distanced!

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Yes, we’re all familiar with the Fleshlight – it’s the world’s best selling male masturbator! But while we’re in quarantine, let’s combine pleasure with a little bit of self improvement. The STU was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms. Specially designed sleeve for male performance enhancement. And this unit comes complete with a stroker, Lube, renewing powder and cleaner!

Sensuelle Pleasure Panty

Remote control panties aren’t just for public use. The joy in a remote control panty is the anticipation and the loss of control. Slip these panties on and wear them throughout the day. Give your partner the remote and he can give you a buzz when you’re doing the dishes or even on a zoom call! Or slip them on while watching a sexy movie and he can bring you to a climax as the movie reaches its climax!

Intro to Prostate Kit

Quarantine is a great time for self exploration so guys, if you haven’t engaged in prostate play yet, now is the time! Your P-Spot is super nerve-dense, so stimulating it with pressure, vibration, or light touch can be incredibly pleasurable.  Unlock the secret pleasures of prostate play with this kit that moves from beginner to advanced with every stimulating stage in between. Four satin soft toys in luxurious silicone progress from gentle bulbs and beads with hands free suction cups to erotic cock ring and prostate combination play.

Purity G-Spot Vibrator

And if guys are exploring their P-Spot, then ladies you should be finding your G-Spot! The G-Spot is located about 2 inches inside the vaginal canal, on the stomach-facing side. Using your hands can be a great way to get started, but tools and toys like the Purity G-Spot Vibrator can make it a lot easier. G-spot stimulation is way more fun when it’s combined with other sensations, so rub your clit or touch another erogenous zone of choice while you play!

Booty Call Booty Flexer

Anal beads are more dynamic than butt plugs, which go in and stay in. Anal beads are designed to be inserted and removed to increase stimulation to nerves around the anal sphincter. The fact that these beads vibrate makes that sensation that much more intense. Because the anus does not provide enough natural lubrication for penetration, always use an anal lubricant with any anal toy.

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