Being a parent is hard, being a single parent is harder! According to the Pew Research Center, the US has the highest rate of children living in single parent households. Being a single parent brings with it a different set of challenges. Loneliness, low self-esteem, a sense of guilt, financial burden along with the every day difficulties of parenting can be overwhelming to a single parent. It can also be hard to carve out time for yourself, much less find time to date. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best tips and toys for single parents so at least we can help you alleviate stress!

  • Get a good lock! A lock on your door, and a lock on your electronic devices, will ensure that your private sexual life remains safe from prying eyes. Whether you want to enjoy time alone or with a partner, a good lock will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your sexual activity without fear of interruption.
  • Separate your sex life from your parenting life. As a single parent, you are allowed to have a sex life. You are allowed to date without intending to marry. You are allowed to enjoy sex without having to be a role model for younger children. We say allowed, not because you need our permission, but because you have to give yourself permission to enjoy a healthy sexual experience without worrying that its impacting your parenting in any way, because it’s not!
  • Practice safe sex. Set good boundaries for yourself and your partners.

Now on to the best toys for single parents! Whether you are alone or with a partner, technology has evolved to allow you to enjoy sex toys quietly, safely and even remotely! Disposable toys are a great option for one and done use as are products that are so discreet, no one will know what they are!

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