Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit 2

Have you tried our Pure Chat yet? It allows you to talk to one of our sexperts in real time! f no one is available, you can still ask your question and you’ll receive an email response.  We’ve been looking at some of our Pure Chat questions and featuring them in a regular column we’re calling Between the Sheets.  Here’s a question from Heather:

We have a guest room we’d like to turn into a sex room. What positioning products do you recommend?

Thanks for your question Heather! First, we’d take stock of the inventory you already have. Pull out all of your toys, clean them well, and throw out anything that’s broken or just doesn’t work for you. Do you have any holes in your collection? Something you’ve always wanted to try? We can start there!

Next, since you’re fortunate enough to be able to dedicate a whole room to this endeavor – we’d suggest pulling in some big, fun positioning pieces. Do you own a sex swing? A sex swing is a wonderfully versatile tool that can be used in hundreds of different ways! Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to installation though!

Another popular choice would be the Door Jam Sex Swing!
This Sex Sling secures over your solid door. Made of strong, comfortable construction, the seat, hand straps, and footrests are all easily adjustable.

Or how about a sex chair? The Rumble Seat is the first of Jimmyjane’s Lounge Line of discreet, ergonomic interiors for your home, all with a sexy twist. An extremely powerful Japanese motor is centered in the pleasure dome that delivers direct stimulation to the clitoris and deep, rumbling vibrations throughout the entire body. Every curve and contour of the chair was designed for a multitude of positions. It is ideal for “saddle position” solo stimulation and also can be used to add some rumble to your next romp with a partner.

I’m sure your sex room will have a bed so don’t forget the include the Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets. A Fantasy Gifts’ best-seller!  The Under The Bed Restraint System™ is easy to set up, in fact, sets up in minutes. Fits any size mattress! The perfect bondage product!

Hopefully this is enough to get you started Heather! If you need any additional ideas, just stay tuned!

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