September 20 - Bisexuality Day 2023

Bisexuality Day or Bi Visibility Day is quickly approaching and we still hear many individuals asking why this day is so important when Pride exists? Well, it’s important because bi people are often the forgotten part of the LGBTQ+ community. More often than not, they’re dismissed with damaging stereotypes or seen as nonexistent by individuals within the LGBQTQ+ community along with those outside of it. Because of this, many bi individuals are often closeted about their sexuality because of the judgement and stigma surrounding their identity.

How can we combat biphobia? Give voices to the bisexual people in your community; speak against bi-erasure in history and give your community the opportunity to learn about being bisexual; organizing trainings; share experiences; offer allyship; attend events and celebrate the bisexual community!

There are so many resources available from great organizations, but we recommend checking out more information from the Human Rights Campaign!

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