August is Romance Awareness Month at Fantasy Gifts

Inspired by the ancient Indian guide to lovemaking, Kama Sutra has developed a line of products to help loving couples create joyful experiences of intimacy and pleasure. Their creams, powders and other sensual potions have been seducing lovers the world over. Experience for yourself the heartfelt passions of Kama Sutra.   What better way to start your hot romantic evenings, than with these hot tips that use Kama Sutra Products!

  1. Intensify the Arousal: Satisfy desire with sensations you’ve only dared to imagine. Our Natural Massage Oil, is designed especially for the eco-friendly or those seeking a more natural experience. Blended from a unique formulation of nature’s cleanest ingredients, sending you blissfully to the brink and beyond. Directions: Apply a small amount to the underside of the clitoris and surrounding areas or shaft of the penis. Massage in gentle circles until proper lubrication occurs, apply more when needed.
  2. Dust yourself in Fragrance:  Beat the heat and lure your partner in with the sweet honey suckle aroma and taste of honey. Kama Sutra Honey Dust is an incredibly fine dusting body powder that leaves a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance and an irresistible flavor of sweet honey. Kama Sutra Honey Dust wicks moisture away from the skin and is Perfect as a daily talc, alluring shimmering scent for the skin, or use the powder with our feather duster as a playful addition to romance. The beautifully decorated canister includes a powder-filled satin pouch and a handmade feather applicator to tickle more than the imagination.Directions: Lightly dip the feather into the Honey Dust and stroke the soft feather across your lover’s body. This delicate body powder will leave the skin feeling soft, smelling fragrant and tasting delicious.
  3. Give the Gift of Massage: The start perfect romantic evening starts with a massage to get your lover good and relaxed.Who would turn down a good massage? There aren’t many things that are equal parts indulgent, relaxing, and good for you. In addition to releasing tension, a massage can help regulate blood pressure and boost your immune system, according to recent studies. And when done right, an at-home massage has serious chill-out benefits for both of you. So grab your partner, some of our massage lotion, and relax with this DIY guide.  For a more comprehensive list of body massage treatments to try, has compiled The Ultimate List of Body Massage Treatments to Try.
  4. Learn New Positions: There are no limits to your sexual creativity and artistry. From the sensual teachings of the Kama Sutra to the carnal wisdom of The Tao, we remain entranced by the visual beauty and idea of two lovers entwined in erotic sexual positions. Eleven real couples guide you through a palette of lovemaking positions and skills guaranteed to spark your imagination, and inspire your sexual creativity. Explore the limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G-spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure, achieve deeper penetration and masterfully take your lover’s breath away.
  5. Learn the Art of a Sensual Massage: Arouse Your Senses For Heightened Sexual Pleasure! Real couples explicitly demonstrate both basic massage techniques and advanced methods to relax, arouse and explosively satisfying! You’ll learn how to build climatic excitement by sensually stimulating your partner’s most sensitive body parts – neck, breasts, nipples and genitals. You’ll see instruction from head to toe and learn every sensual technique. It’s amazing how a simple touch can send shivers through your entire body. So imagine what erotic massage will do to you and your lover! With just the right touch, erotic massage can be as pleasurable, if not more pleasurable – and satisfying – than other forms of intimacy. Get ready to participate in a feast of the richest sense – touch!

* This blog was updated on September 6, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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