Did you know that you can make some cocktails with flavored lubricants? In fact, you can add any flavored lubes to any drinks for a desired taste, as a sweetener, or even an ice cream topping! Here are some great ideas we’ve seen in our years of training with companies:

System JO Cocktails Variances
System JO Cocktails Water Based Flavored Lubricants
  • Alcoholic beverages and mocktails are the top of the list of reference we make all the different things you can do with flavored lube! You can make any cocktail or add to virtually any drink with majority of the flavored of lube available in store and online! System JO has even developed a few cocktail versions that would be great for getting you in a summer state of mind!
  • Ran out of creamer? Prefer to hide that taste of coffee? We’ve used plenty of Wicked’s flavored lubricants for this purpose, especially the kind found in their Coffee House Teasers to sweeten up our favorite morning brews and afternoon pick me ups! Wicked is completely sugar-free for anyone who has to worry about their sugar levels or who has been looking to remove sugar from their diet.
  • I bet you never thought we would be here suggesting adding your favorite flavored lube to a bowl of ice cream, but it is true – you can! For more natural tasting flavors you can try Intimate Earth’s Oral Pleasure Glides; for a deep chocolate taste, we recommend Skins Chocolate lubricant; and for those who enjoy those unusual flavors of bubble gum or cotton candy, System Jo is the way to go!

Did we mention all of these also taste great on a partner? Probably the best suggestion we cold give. If you are interested in finding cocktail recipes with lubricants, you can find by by watching System JO Mixology 101 video or Tomboy’s Lube Flavoured Cocktails.

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