Daylight Savings Time and Your Relationship

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As many of us know, Daylight Savings Time (DSL) is a hassle because it can really mess things up and I don’t just mean our sleep patterns. During the Fall and Winter months, we see less sunlight and have colder temperatures which can lead to experiencing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and that extra hour of sleep may make it difficult for people to even start their day. And don’t even get us started on the “Spring Forward” b.s. that comes with having to wake up earlier. Although sleep seems to be the overarching issue when it comes to DSL, however, when you break it down, you can see how much more is touched by the change in the time.

A Night Owl and an Early Bird Decide to Date

Studies show that partners with different sleep patterns are already more prone to experience arguments, but the additional sleep deprivation or quickening of dark nights can potentially cause even further conflict despite it only happening twice a year. Experts have suggested that those with partners who are heavily affected by the time change give their partner extra kindness for a couple of weeks following DSL. They have also noted that these time changes can be particularly harmful to a couples sex life. Their response to lower sex drives due to sleep? Schedule them for the morning or other times in the day! Doing so can also can help up break up the expectation that sex should only be happening at night, especially when one partner may already be affected by sleep loss after they have adjusted to DSL.

Use DSL to Your Advantage

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Despite the debates to remove DSL and many of the cons that we generally know of in keeping it, while it is still a thing, there are some ways you can use it to your advantage: bringing back the romance.

Here are 10 ways to use shorter days as a way to create big time love:

1. Create a grand romance.

Shorter nights are the perfect time to forego outside activities and reconnect with your partner at home. Cuddle around a fire or on the couch under a blanket. Pick up a new piece of sexy lingerie and wear it to rekindle a spark.

2. Light up the night.

The great thing about darker evenings is that you can transform the mood from gloomy to romantic just by lighting candles. Better yet, make dinner by candlelight your new normal and spend the evening chatting about the highlights of your day.

3. Go back in time.

Pretend you and your partner are back in the days before electronic entertainment. Hide your devices and pull out the Monopoly board game instead. Feeling amorous? Build a blanket fort for snuggling in.

Some light-hearted time playing with your partner without the distraction of flashing screens is a soothing, soul-nourishing way to build intimacy and connection.

4. Cook together.

When the nights are dark and the air is cool, it’s the perfect time to heat things up — in the kitchen! Spend a Sunday evening making double batches of your favorite recipes and freeze them for hectic weeknights. It’s more fun when the two of you work together.

Savor the satisfaction of sharing a fun common goal and a sense of accomplishment. And don’t forget dessert. The scents of cinnamon and vanilla are turn-ons for men!

5. Go to bed early.

What if you (finally) listened to your body and instead of forcing it to stay up, took advantage of your body’s natural rhythms to get some extra shut-eye? Snuggle in together and drift off to dreamland.

Snoozing next to someone you love increases endorphins. And hey, if that snuggling time turns into some cozy sexual connection… all the better.

6. Wake up early.

Or, take advantage of your restful night’s sleep to do a little pre-dawn lovemaking. In the morning, you’ll both have more energy. It also allows you to begin the day with physical and emotional connection.

7. Embrace side-by-side companionship.

There is something so comforting about hunkering down together. Curl up next to him with that book you’ve been dying to read while he tinkers around or catches up on the latest Sports Illustrated.

Pursuing individual hobbies while being in the same physical space strengthens the bonds of trust and reminds you that a healthier “we” can be harnessed by focusing on your own interests. Besides, men thrive on this type of quality time, and it builds a deeper sense of appreciation for your partnership.

8. Play outside.

Don’t let the cold deter you from playing outside! Research shows that couples that work out together have way more (and way better) sex. So, get out in that cold, crisp, invigorating weather for an evening run or walk in the park. Even a short jaunt in the great outdoors will lift your spirits.

9. Entertain yourselves.

This is the perfect time to catch up on all of those shows you’ve wanted to watch. Host a Friday night season marathon starting with episode one. Or maybe catch up on those movies you missed in the theaters. The early darkness and cold outside are also great excuses to stay in, cuddle under a blanket, and enjoy some screen time together.

Everyday Romance Journal
Everyday Romance Journal

10. Embrace gratitude.

The season of Thanksgiving is near, so why not get an early start on expressing your gratitude? Purchase a journal to share and commit to each writing two things every day that you’re grateful for. Or, you can email each other every day at lunch what you’re most grateful for that day.

We live in such lavish abundance and distraction. It’s so easy to speed through the days without noticing how lucky we are (in life and in love). A shared gratitude practice will help you both see how good you really have it.

*List adapted from Popsugar original article from 2018.

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