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We all know at this time of year traveling or hosting guests is a given whether it is coming back from college for winter break or having family over for the holidays – that doesn’t mean that you put a halt on finding intimacy with your partner! Intimacy can be based in sex, yes, but intimacy is so much more than that. Intimacy is truly feeling being vulnerable yet feeling safe and secure with your partner, that you are being listened to and understood even during potential conflict. That means look to building laughs, having deep conversations with each other, or just spending quality time together.

Don’t Forget Your Key

Before you go anywhere or have people stay in your space, discuss with your partner about both of your wants and desires and really listen to each other. Communication is key in any relationships at any time of the year, but especially during this time which can be more stressful. Also, take sex off the table – be realistic in recognizing that this may not happen during this time and find ways to build intimacy through your love languages. Let planning be your best friend. As unsexy as it may seem, this is one way to keep yourself and each other accountable for those wants and desires that were previously discussed.

Putting Plans Into Action

Be sure that you check in regularly with your partner about how things are going and be honest with each other. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed with the situation, be sure to let your partner know that you need to find time to practice self care. Be sure you still with those planned times of intimacy for each other. For those who have partners that need physical touch, provide them with a foot massage or a back rub – this is something that can even be done around people because massages do not have to be sexual! When everything is said and done, or if you can or do find the time and you are not up to your eyeballs in stress, give you and your partner your own little holiday/staycation to rekindle anything else that may have taken a backseat – you both deserve it!

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