Erectile Dysfunction and Helpful Products

Erectile Dysfunction

We get plenty of penis-owning people (mostly cisgender men) coming in and looking for help with erectile dysfunction – but usually a quick fix with pills. Erectile dysfunction is easily the most frustrating and inconvenient thing to experiencing for a penis owning person with many feeling worried as though it means the end of the line for the sexual ability. However, it just means finding alternatives to potentially harmful medications and herbal treatments. Yes, Fantasy Gifts NJ does sell pills, but we always share the warning with individuals purchasing them: They are not viagra and are not intended to give you an erection. They are not intended for anyone with a heart or blood pressure condition and you should speak to your doctor before using them. Also, they don’t work for everyone. Everyone’s body make-up and chemistry is different and sure, some of them work perfectly while others might experience side effects along with the desired effects and sometimes that particular pill just doesn’t work at all.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to have or maintain an erection. It doesn’t always need to be pathologized when coming into an adult toy store (meaning there is a medical or psychological purpose behind them), however the most common causes are due to age, illness (such as cancer), or side effects to medicine. Most of the time, especially in younger and healthier folx, it really is due to stress and lack of arousal for reasons such as performance anxiety or being intoxicated. That’s not to say that you no longer desire sex or your partner, but you might have too much on your plate preventing your body from being able to perform OR that you need additional stimulation to feel aroused.

Natural Ways to Combat ED

When we mean natural, we mean things such as:

  • Redefining sex: Se does not always have to include an erection, penetration or even an orgasm in order for you to enjoy some type of sex. Sex is what YOU define it!
  • Trying new things: Try things such as a new fantasy, make foreplay an all day adventure and take your time getting to penetrative sex, or even hold off on engaging in penetrative sex for a while and focus on other ways to please your partner or try solo play to see what else YOU like.
  • Break away from gender roles and expectations: If the idea that your ‘manhood’ or sexuality is defined by your ability to achieve and erection – try finding other ways to define this for yourself and seek other ways to have pleasure without depending on penetration.
  • Stress less: Easier said than done, but clearing off that annoying ‘Honey Do’ list, taking a mental health day, or even just crying into your pillow might be cathartic enough to get you back on the saddle.

There are just a few ideas to help get you started – I did say they were more natural (but not necessarily easy). If you’re looking for additional help and want to continue to engage in penetrative sex, there are some products that you can try before venturing into medication.

Helpful Tools

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