September 22 - Fall Trends & Predictions

As always, we take a look at social media, fashion and other popular trends, customer feedback and within the sex toy industry to make our predictions on trends. Here’s our Fall Predictions and Trends we think we’ll see in the adult toy industry this season:

whipsmart night rider
Whipsmart Night Rider

Riding and Grinding toys are definitely living their best life in the spotlight!  Check out the XGEN Products Whipsmart collection.  These are great for anyone of any gender or sexuality to have in their toy box.

This summer we saw the rise of the Brat and it’s still going strong – good thing Sportsheets released their S&M Brat line just in time! This line is perfect for the brat of the relationship.

Power dressing is back and sometimes we feel most powerful in the bedroom with our consenting partners.  The ultimate power dressing would be with the strap-on harness and an exploration of pegging.

We’ve already been seeing the connection with VR and sex toys but now AI has entered the chat with Lovense.  And who wouldn’t want to give it a try?  A partner that LEARNS what you WANT AND LIKE and creates scenarios JUST FOR YOU?!  Yes please!

Pink and purple may have been (and still continue to be) our most dominating colors on our walls, but the push for more bright and fun colors is coming through from every brand as seen by Creative Conception’s Unihorn.  Hey, a new color is enough to sway me to buy something I already HAVE just because it’s so pretttttty….

And last but not least – red for the fall? We’re not mad about it! Check out our lingerie selection in store and online for this bright and attention demanding color!

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