Fall Faves and Trend Predictions

Happy Fall everyone! We may be in lull between summer vacation and holiday shopping, but that doesn’t stop the trends from rolling out for this season. We’ve spoken to our staff, the people who speak with you customers the most, about what potential trends they are seeing coming in and what trends are sticking around and this is what we found:

Master Series Cock Dangler
Master Series Cock Dangler

Ball Stretchers – This isn’t a new pleasure practice, but there has been an influx of penis-owners asking for stretchers and weights. Nothing appears to be circulating on TikTok, Twitter or Instagram, but Reddit has an extremely active thread. It started in 2016, but the community info say “r/BallStretching is back online. Let’s see those low hangers.” which is making us think that it was temporarily disabled until recently (but this has not been confirmed).

Vabbing – Another practice that actually isn’t very new, but came back into the limelight apparently someone spilled the beans all over TikTok. The theory is that vulva owners use their bodily fluids from their vagina and use it as a perfume (because pheromones) to attract potential partners. This trend does have its steady followers as well as those who disown the practice all together for various reasons. If you fall into the latter of the two – we do carry various forms of pheromone oils, lotions and sprays so you can see for yourself the difference a pheromone makes (or use your own – we don’t judge)!

Suction/ Air Pulse – This trend has been around for a while and it certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This technology has truly changed the game when it comes to sex toys and has even been powerful enough to turn a once favorite bullet vibe into a junk drawer dweller. We aren’t going to lie, some of us in the store ourselves have multiples of the same products because why not?! In the past, our Satisfyer Pro 2 has been our top seller in this category as a rechargeable products, however, we are noticing that now the Satisfyer Number One is pulling in the lead as well as the Inmi Shegasm Travel Sidekick because they are inexpensive and easy to travel with as they are battery powered (perfect for beginners as well)!

Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP Bullet
Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP Bullet Vibrator

Nu Sensuelle – This manufacturer has revamped not only their packaging, but ALL the motors in their toys. To date, they currently have the STRONGEST motor available in the sex toys industry with their Silicone 60SX AMP bullet vibrator being the 2nd strongest. To paraphrase a rep from the company “I can feel it vibrating my clit piercing” and that was just holding it in her hand talking about it! We think once this information starts getting out, it will be flying off the shelves so get yours quickly!

As trends’ life spans vary from short lived to history changing, we also expect to see some pop-up/ go viral as soon as we publish this blog, so we will be keeping the look out for any new interested and always encourage our consumers to let us know some they’ve found!

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