Fantasy Gifts NJ Joins the Fight Against Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but the fight against breast cancer lasts all year long. It’s strange the think that not too long ago, the stigma against breast cancer was so strong that most women would not even admit to having the disease. It took many strong women, like Betty Ford, to stand up and admit in public to having breast cancer that finally gave the government and scientists the incentive they needed to start researching.

Fast forward to today and we know so much more about breast cancer. First, while not preventable, you can minimize your risk. Research shows that lifestyle changes can decrease the risk of breast cancer, even in women at high risk.

According to the Mayo Clinic, to lower your risk, limit alcohol, don’t smoke, control your eight, be physically active, limit dose and duration of hormone therapy and avoid exposure to radiation and pollution.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, don’t fight it alone. There are many great support groups out there which is why we are partnering with Living Beyond Breast Cancer! On Sunday, October 20 we are holding our Second Annual Sexy Bingo to benefit Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Just $10 to play and all proceeds will go to LBBC! Plus all players will receive a great goody bag, enjoy a night of private shopping, the chance to win great prizes, yummy treats and so much more!

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