Fantasy Gifts NJ had a truly successful and wonderful first annual Sensual Showcase! This showcase was created to spotlight local artists in the community. This curated event focused on creators who specialize in making beautiful erotic, sexuality-based and sex positive art. 

Fantasy Gifts Social Media Coordinator, Brianna McKnight, curated the event. “There are many local artists in our community who do not have a platform to distribute their beautiful work,” says Brianna.  “This event will give a voice to those artists and allow them to display and sell their pieces.” This statement unfortunately comes completely true with Instagram removing not only artists accounts but sex educator accounts as well.

Featured artists already lined up include Galica Graphics, which specializes in anime in illustrative art and watercolors. They also specialize in creative discussions with art, superhero/comics art and other forms. 

KD Art Gallery is a beautiful collection of watercolors and graphic art celebrating the human form.  The artist focuses on creating abstract and body positivity art. 

We also had our very own lead sales associate, Alex Decker, who creates beautiful feminist pieces, sketches of feminine bodies and more in varying types of media.  

We had a great flow of both store customers walking in to see the event as well as individuals who heard about us through the sharing of our flyers, social media and word of mouth!

Fantasy Gifts served drinks and hors d’oeuvres during the event as well as provided an opportunity to win a basket made by Fantasy Gifts NJ just by attending the event!  The artist made one hundred percent of the profit.  “We feel it is important to give these local artists a friendly space to showcase their work,” said Dee Bertino, owner of Fantasy Gifts. “It is not about making money but rather about making sure these beautiful pieces can be seen.” 

“We look forward to doing an event like this again with the artists we made a connection with during the event, but also any other artists who have not yet had a chance to vend. And maybe we can do this more often as it was well received by the customers, attendees and the artists alike!”

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