On Tuesday, November 15th, our store associates had a Zoom training with Patrick from Intimate Earth – our vegan and organic personal moisturizer and stimulant line. Intimate Earth’s unique formulations include a proprietary blend that contains organic extracts, soothing aloe, and are happy to boast that they never test their products on animals. During this training, associates went over many of the products in this line that are carried in-store and online and asked tons of great questions with customers in mind because it is important that you know exactly what is going in and on your body. Some of our highlights include:

Enhancement Serums

Intimate Earth Adventure: Benzocaine Free Anal Relaxing Serum

Intimate Earth’s mission statement is to make sure they are making safe and high quality products. With their Enhancement Serums, you will find menthol, alum, and benzocaine free formulas that work with your body naturally to help stimulate or relax the targeted body parts. Enhancement Serums from Intimate Earth are intentionally made with a less concentration of certain ingredients because other stimulants out there can be too intense for an individual’s preference. Serums can be used by themselves or with their corresponding lubricants. One of our favorite and top selling IE serums is Adventure: a benzocaine free anal relaxing serum!

Signature Glides

One of our favorite things about having trainings and trying new lubricants is tasting the flavored ones! Recently, Fantasy Gifts brought in their flavored glides featuring Cheeky Apples and Salted Caramel, which are perfect for the fall and winter months. We also tested out some of the newer products that Fantasy Gifts NJ brought in such as Plush, a super thick hybrid anal glide, and Bliss, a water based anal relaxing glide made with clove oil.


Mojo Penis Stimulating Enhancement Gel

Mojo is IE’s select range of natural performance and libido enhancing gels and glides for men and one of our top selling male enhancement brand from online orders. These formulas also have natural ingredients such as clove oil for their Anal Relaxing Gel in and niacin in their Prostate and Penis Stimulating Gels that help bring blood to their respective zones. Many of the products in the Mojo line are crafted with ingredients such as Horny Goat Weed, Peruvian Ginseng and Yohimbe. These are great to use by themselves or as an add-on to the Mojo personal glides or for other male enhancements.

Some Precautions

Having a full line of organic and vegan products is absolutely wonderful, however, there are some extra precautions you do want to make when purchasing from a brand such as Intimate Earth. Because IE’s products are made with natural ingredients, they DO contain almond oil or use real food for flavoring, so it is highly recommended that precaution is taken if you are highly sensitive to products made in the same facility where nuts and certain fruits are present and cross contamination is a possibility. Also, with their Green toy cleaners, they do contain lavender and tea tree oil, which can also be a sensitivity or cause an allergic reaction as well. Always check the ingredients list and spot test on yourself before you use, otherwise, these products are perfect for those looking to keep things au natural!

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