Guide To First-time Sex Partners

Have you recently entered into a new relationship? Whether you’re in a committed and serious relationship or trying to keep things casual, it’s important to find ways to connect early on that you’ll both enjoy.

Here are some tips on how you can form a deeper connection with an intimate partner.


It’s crucial that you set up your boundaries right away. This means the expectations that you have for your partner about your limitations and what you will tolerate. If you have a boundary around public displays of affection and would rather keep all intimate touch behind closed doors, make sure that you tell your new sweetheart about this. If their boundary is that they prefer you don’t talk about any relationship problems or your sex life with anyone, including your good friends, respect your partner and don’t share these details.

Along with boundaries, consent is another thing that you must always keep in mind. It’s really not as simple as a clear-cut “yes” or “no”. Even if you are excited to get hot and heavy while on a date, and you already have started that side of your relationship, pay attention to any signs that something is off. It’s best to talk about expectations early, but even if your new honey tells you they like certain acts, it doesn’t mean they’re always going to be up for doing them. There are many nuances that go into having sex besides attraction and emotional intimacy. In fact, have this discussion and put some things into writing during a calm time when you both can think clearly. Consent really is sexy!


Pretty much everyone has fantasies every once in a while. You may be a little embarrassed to admit what yours are, but you probably will feel better to get them out with a new sex partner. Have you been thinking about trying some role-play? Want to look for bondage gear together and buy a few things to see whether you’re more dom or sub? You can keep your intimate time spicy by bringing out some elements from your daydreams or the X-rated videos you watch. You might want to shop for some affordable sex toys in Philadelphia to make these fantasies come true.

Motivation and Intent

Make sure you’re on the same page (or at least know where each other stands) when it comes to what you want out of sex and why. Is it about forming a deeper emotional connection through a physical bond? Are you both into naughty times mostly for the sake of physical pleasure? Be upfront and honest about this so that there won’t be any disappointment if you or your partner’s needs aren’t being met how you expect.

Go the Extra Mile

Our sex toy kits in NJ are a super fun way to bond with someone new. You can purchase something that will create a clone of your pleasure zones and then give it to your partner. If you’re into that BDSM lifestyle, consider trying out a velvet master series bondage kit for an increase in pleasure through restriction and restraint. Body paint and oils for massage are other types of kits that are sure to get your engine revving.

If you’re looking for just the right gift for your new sex partner or to shop for something together, look no further than Fantasy Gifts NJ. We’re happy to help you locate adult toys that are right for your needs. Contact us today with your questions.

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