Home or Away: The Best Toys That Can Travel with You

Perhaps you’re traveling for work or maybe it’s for pleasure, but either way pleasure is a must. Play time shouldn’t stop when you are away from home. Adult sex toys in NJ can make wonderful travel companions, you just have to find the ones that are right for you. The best travel toys will be whichever make you feel good, because in the end that’s all that really matters.

The world of adult toys consists of many varieties, for all orientations. Here are the best adult toys in South Jersey to take with you when you travel:

Sexy Eye Mask or Blindfold

Easy to pack and dual purpose! This small discreet item can double your pleasure by acting as a sleep aide when the fun is over. Traveling has a way of messing with your sleep. Spending the night away from your bed can make you restless. Eye Masks reduce the amount of light and aide in a good night’s sleep. While great for couples, we encourage you to try using one during personal play.

Adult sexy masks in NJ


Available in small compact sizes, vibrators are known to pack a big punch. From egg shaped to a lip stick case, vibrators can be very discrete. Many come with travel lock features to end the dreaded embarrassment of a buzzing suitcase. We recommend one that is waterproof to incorporate water play.

Adult vibrators in NJ

Packaged Romance Kits

Massage oil can really spice up play time. Flavored lubricant is something everyone can enjoy. Many kits come with several choices of flavor and fragrance. A romance kit often includes travel size products for you to enjoy, alone or with a partner.

Adult romance kits in NJ

Cock Rings

Probably the most discreet of all the sex toys, this pocket size toy is perfect for travel. Tiny in size, the pleasure from a cock ring is anything but. Slip it in your pocket so you are ready to play at any times.

screaming o owow nj

Dildos and Strap-Ons

When away on travel, sexual pleasure doesn’t have to be pocket sized. Dildos are larger than most vibrators, but you can still pack them away discretely. Strap-ons add spice to your getaway. A quick recommendation though – pack these items in your checked bags when traveling by plane. This prevents any embarrassment at security check points.

Adult strap on dildos nj

Traveling can be a time to let loose and relax. Adding a toy to your “must take” items will surely put a smile on your face. Make sure that you and all partners are practicing safe sex. Condoms are safe and discreet and should be added to your list as well. Ultimately, the best toy to bring with you on your travels, is the one you can’t wait to play with!

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