How Mood Lighting Affects Your Sexual Experience

How Mood Lighting Affects Your Sexual Experience

The lighting in a room plays a huge role, especially when it is applied in the bedroom. The right mood lighting can make or break your experience with your partner.

Lighting that is too bright can turn out to be overwhelming and actually turn off the mood. On the other hand, a room that is too dark can ruin the experience as well.

Certain Lighting Brings Out Different Emotional Reactions

The kind of lighting that we use in a room can provoke different emotions in people. They can make us feel more relaxed or alert depending on the lighting that is used.

It can be difficult to get cozy with your partner when you have lights as bright as those you have at your office. For those who are spending their first romantic evening together, proper lighting not only helps both of you feel more intimate but can also reduce any nerves.

With that said, using the right lighting can set the mood and has a huge effect on sexual experiences.

Use the Right Lighting For the Best Effect

As a rule of thumb, you want to stick to the type of lighting that emits warmth. Warm light can make a person feel secure and comfortable in the setting. Since sex can be equal parts touch and visual, you and your partner enjoy a comfortable light setting where you can take in the moment.

Using candles or fake low-light LED candles instead of those fluorescents can create the perfect ambiance. You may find the right lighting you need from your local store or our fantasy adult store.

Try to avoid using your ceiling lights unless you have smart lighting. Bulbs that can be dimmed or set to specific light levels can provide the perfect light setting.

Using proper lighting is one of the most important things to consider when setting up a romantic environment for a partner. Studies have even shown that warmer light leads to stronger self-esteem.

When you apply the right levels of warm and dim lighting, you can bring about feelings of romance and intimacy. 

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