Lingerie is the most popular item to purchase for your partner on Valentine’s Day yet it is also our most popular returned item the day AFTER Valentine’s Day!  To avoid Valentine’s Day mishaps, Lady Genevieve has put together a guide on how to buy lingerie!

First things first – communication.  Is lingerie something your partner will actually want or appreciate?  And I don’t mean the person who sits there and tests you and says up and down “No, no, no, I don’t want it” but secretly does because they just want you to buy things for them.  I’m talking about is this the person that buys their own lingerie or sexy sets. Do they like surprising you with them or do they go shopping with you when looking for something new?  Or are they clearly uncomfortable with the idea of anything else but a t-shirt and sweats? Are they just outright against lingerie in general? Also, is the timing to buy lingerie appropriate?  Is your partner going through some physical changes that they may be uncomfortable with or is there an event going on in your life that may be pulling their focus away from the romantic aspect of the holiday? I’m not going to sit here and convince you that “everyone wants it” because that is not the truth.  Communicate with your partner to see what they really want!

Sizing is CRUCIAL.  This is a huge factor in buying for your significant other because going too small or too big can cause some self-esteem issues with your partner (this goes for guys and girls too).  Also for the obvious reason that even if they think it’s cute, if it doesn’t fit, they probably won’t wear it. This is where RESEARCH becomes another huge factor in buying for your SO.  If you’ve ever worked in clothing retail or are passionate about clothes, you know that not every brand sizes the same way and even WITHIN a brand, sizing can range.  Types of lingerie will also fit differently – babydolls, teddys, corsets, body suits, garters, bras and panties – will all be snug in certain places and loose in others. I know it seems like a lot, but you can always check your SO’s drawers for some go-to brands – pay attention to what elastic has lost its bounce and what may have shrunk when washing. My rule of thumb with online shopping is focus on the products with the higher amount of reviews or at least the 3-star reviews as they tend to be the most honest (by honest I mean they have a good amount of both pros and cons on the product).  I know, I know, this all sounds like a lot, but you’re already off to a good start by reading this blog entry! Also remember that buying lingerie is like buying a swimsuit, when in doubt, go UP a size!

SUPER IMPORTANT – AVOID SETS.  Yes, we sell sets at our store, but most of those sets just have basic thongs that can be easily replaced with another panty we may have laying out or something else you may have in mind already at home.  Sets may have “sizes” but they’re more “one-size-in-this-particular-bra-type-which-doesn’t-necessarily-mean-the-bottoms-fit-right” sizes. Take the shape of their body into account, maybe even their sense of style – this will help you find the appropriate sizes as well as takes their comfort into account.  I love garter belts, but they don’t tend to fall perfectly around my waist and sometimes the tights squeeze too hard on my ham hogs, so I’ll avoid that type of lingerie for the most part. Bodystockings are a nice option because they will stretch to fit an individual so one size truly does fit most. Not to toot the stores horn or anything but all of our stuff is decently priced so you could probably buy several outfits if you can’t decide.

Talking about their sense of style, remember who you are buying for– you or them?  Is this your fantasy that you want to play out, or is this to compliment them? And maybe they will want to take part in your fantasy, but be sure you are catering more to their wants and desires…. I mean, you are showing your appreciation for them aren’t you? I’m sure they’re returning the favor too.  And I’m not saying don’t try to add a splash of what you desire in there, but why buy something they may only put on once and hope you forget it exists later down the line? This kind of goes back to my questions earlier – do they take you shopping with them or ask for your advice? You probably know their style, their favorite color, or their desired comfort more than you realize.  They’ll know if you picked out the color because it reminded you of their favorite sports team or if because your favorite porn star wore something similar. Also, myself and my associates are there to help, but we cannot judge what your SO would prefer or what would fit best for them. Asking about what types of lingerie we have, what the material is, sizing – yes we can absolutely help you with, but everything else will have to come from you.

Finally, your presentation of it is going be the deal breaker in all of this – no pressure or anything.  Sure, we’ve all see the funny viral videos of guys giving their girlfriends lingerie in front of their parents as jokes, but this is where you’re going to absolutely SHINE.  I could give so many different ideas on how to go about doing this, but you’ll need to work on this one on your own.  I will say that the addition of toys, lubes, and other games or accessories would be the perfect addition to not just the lingerie, but the night in general.

Trust me, you got this.  Stay Sexual!

Adapted from Lady Genevieve’s Sexy Scoop, January 2019.

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