Did you know that June 9 is Oral Sex Day (6-9, get it?).  How better to celebrate this day than with amazing oral sex!  Oral Sex is so much more than just a blow job or cunnilingus.  Done correctly, it can give you the most mind-blowing orgasm you have ever experienced.  In honor of the true 6-9 day, we are going to give you step by step instructions on how to correctly perform in this position.
Step 1:  Recognize your natural scent.  We all know what goes on down there and how society has convinced us that anything that smells more than nothing is bad.  Both penis and vagina owners will have natural scent and that’s perfectly fine!  However, there may be scents that are concerning and should be acknowledged prior to oral play. The biggest concern would be anything painful or otherwise itchy rather than JUST a scent.

Step 2:  Shaving.  The issue of whether to shave or not to shave is actually a hot topic button.  While some prefer the genital area to be smooth and hair-free, others prefer a natural jungle.  Whatever your preference, make sure your partner is on the same page as well.  This is a duet, not a solo.  For some partners, shaving your partner can actually be a sexy form of foreplay, try using a product like Coochy Creme which is specifically formulated to use on coarse pubic hair.

Step 3: Pick your position.  Wait, you mean 69 doesn’t mean just one position?  Of course not, this is sex people – there are about as many variations on the 69 position as there are on the standard missionary position – nothing’s standard anymore!  According to the book Fifty Shades Of Oral Pleasure by Marisa Bennett, there’s the Reverse Hookup where you use any padded surface and he lies down with her on top.  The Lazy 69 is a sideways 69 and you lie in bed together.  The Massage Envy takes an erotic massage to a whole new level – make sure you have plenty of edible massage oil on hand.  Downward Dog calls for the receiver to lie face down on the bed and present their rear for oral stimulation.  There’s also the Strong Man which, obviously, needs a very strong man to support her weight while both partners are vertical, but she is upside down.  Very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Step 4:  Add your accessories.  Oral Sex is not complete without adding in some oral enhancements.  Whether it’s a GoodHead product, a Poppin’ Rock Candy or even just a flavored lip balm, no 69 encounter is complete without your favorite flavor.  So go ahead and celebrate 6-9 Day!

* This blog was updated on June 4, 2024 to update information.

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