Lady Genevieve Has Fun in Bed Without Sex Toys

Lady Genevieve

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom but don’t want to purchase any batteries?  If you’re looking to have fun in the bedroom without sex toys, Lady Genevieve looks at ways you can bring excitement into the sack without anything buzzing but you and your partner!

Sex toy purchases are on the rise in the US (data thanks to*), but there are still some reasons people may be deterred from buying: scared or unsure of masturbation, it is against a moral of theirs, or believing they don’t “need” to use toys. Not many really “need” to use them, but regardless of age, they’re great for spicing things up.  In fact, even the use of toy isn’t always necessary in exploring sensual preferences.  I am someone that sells sex toys and I can sit here and say that if something is holding you back from buying a vibrator or dildo, don’t make yourself uncomfortable, start small.  Start simple.

I’ve talked about some massage products in depth, but there’s another liquid that I think is a very beneficial for couples. Lube is one of my favorite things to use when spending time with Lancelot.  We do use it for toys, but our go-to are the flavored ones!  I see no “need” to use one when giving oral, nor does he, but sometimes we like adding flavors when going down on each other.  We each have our own designated flavor choices!  He is a fan of the fruitier flavors (please take all your homophobic jokes elsewhere, thank youuuuu), and I enjoy the sweet dessert flavors.  Wicked is the PERFECT brand – they have quite a few selections of flavors for the both of us AND they don’t have that weird after-taste like other brands tend to leave behind.  Lance LOVES the peach flavor and my favorite from the line is cinnamon bun (yummmm).  They have Candy Apple, Cinnamon Bun, Mocha Java, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Cherry Cordial, Peppermint Cocoa, Pomegranate, Pink Lemonade, and Peach.  They even offer “Teasers”, which has 10 foil packets to try!  They’re all sweetened with Stevia (for diabetics – still I would be cautious and speak with your doctor JUUUUST in case) and vegan (no animals were harmed in the making of this blog).  There is a myth that flavored lube can cause yeast infections, but the TRUTH is that if you are PRONE to or are in the midst of an off pH balance, it can have adverse effects, but for THE MOST PART they are harmless. Vagina holders – KNOW YOUR BODIES and take care of them and this WILL NOT be an issue.   Also, if you aren’t sold yet, these are GREAT complements to FOOD and if anyone tries to sell me on anything, adding it to food will get my undivided attention.  Coffee, ice cream, and even liquor drinks (you’ll thank me later).  I’ll admit, I will “test” these guys out from time to time when I’m in the mood for something sweet.

We also tried out some Wet lubricants thanks to my training session in the store – THANK YOU WET!  They reinvented their bottles and moved away from the cartoon-y look, but it is still the same exact formula and a great one at that!  I decided to see if there was a difference between their Organics (an organic aloe-based lube) and their new Hemptation (also an organic-based hemp lube).  He wanted to try their Hemptation because of the image on the bottle.  And for the record – nothing hemp made in any sex products will get you high because they take out the THC.   But anyway, we’ve determined that there really seems to be no different between the two.  Just like water-based (because an aloe leaf pretty much contain mostly water), they work well with condoms and toys!  Also, Wet claims that both work well for sunburn, though I’ve only gotten burnt once this summer and I stuck to my mom’s aloe plant and Lance’s cum to help fix that up.

Maybe it isn’t increased wetness or sensation fun you’re looking for, it’s more of a increasing stamina situation you got going on.  Increasing your time staying hard (or sensitive) may help satisfying what’s been missing between you and your partner.   On one occasion, I had used a Jo for Her LMax Now female performance capsules.  They worked fine as in my nipples and clit felt a little more sensitive, but I still did some of my usual moves to get off and it felt like it was in about the same amount of time it takes me to orgasm.  That’s not necessary a bad thing because the change in sensation still felt amazing when we were in the midst of foreplay.  We also have used Skins Powerect Male Enhancement Cream.  It started off good and worked quickly with a direct quote from Lance stating, “It feels tingle-y.”  I felt like he may have been slightly harder than usual, but he also lasted less time than usual and it was because it started to feel like it was burning him.  As soon as I looked at him – mind you, this point was less than 10 seconds of him pulling out of me – I told him to go shower and wash it off.  He was red at the base of his shaft and his penis and balls looked red as well.  He said it wasn’t an intense burn, but it wasn’t feeling good anymore.  We only tried it once and with how his body reacted to it, we probably wouldn’t use it again.  We probably should have spot tested it first, as I would HIGHLY recommend from this point on.  Although there are some benefits in the first minute or so of us using this product, we still felt like it should be treated as medicine (like we do the pills we sell) and to be very careful of how you react to it.  Side note: in the little information book they give you, it mentioned ages groups and one being 16-30 years old to “give them added confidence… to be at the top of their game” ….. WHAT 16 YEAR OLD IS AT THE TOP OF THEIR GAME?

Don’t trust putting some type of cream or lotion on your body cause you’re sensitive?  Welcome to the club!  Another alternative to spicing things up is games!  The simplest and most inexpensive game would be sexy dice!  We tried Pipedream’s Oral Sex Dice, but we couldn’t do it without some laughter.  Occasionally we got something ridiculous like “BLOW FEET” or “LICK EAR” and it definitely removed the seriousness of our time together, but we still do great and always bond better through laughter.  Although we did find it vanilla for our bedroom activities, I have used them previously to help explore new things and I think this is a wonderful idea for those who want to start being more adventurous.

Incorporating new things into the bedroom doesn’t have to begin with battery-operated toys or fake silicone penises.  Any one of these things can be smaller, less intrusive/disruptive, and especially less intimidating.  Better experiences in the bedroom always begin with communication, a sense of trust, and feeling comfortable with trying something new (or maybe even the awkwardness of it).

Stay sexual!


* *This blog was updated on September 6, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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