Have you ever really thought about how to masturbate better? You think we all know how to masturbate, right? But just like everything in life, you can always do it better! Read on for the best tips on how to masturbate to have the best experience ever!

Set the Stage

There’s a time to quickly rub one out, but if you really want to masturbate better, set the stage to romance yourself. Make sure you’re alone, away from prying ears and eyes. After all, this is a solo experience you’re after. Make sure the room’s temperature is comfortable. Make sure you’re comfortable too – you’ll want easy acces to all of your erogenous zones.

Don’t Just Get At It!

Even when you’re masturbating, foreplay is important. It’s about the anticipation. The more tension you build, the sweeter the release. Whether it’s a sexy book, movie or just your imagination, begin with sexy thoughts. You should already be aroused before you even begin to touch yourself. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and empowered, because the next minutes (or hours!) are all about you!

Toy or no Toy?

Using a toy during masturbation is entirely a personal preference. Some women cannot climax without vibration – if this is you, then by all means use a toy. But masturbation is also about self-exploration. So before you turn the power on, use your hands to explore yourself. Obviously hit your main erogoneous zones, but rub your fingers in your hair, around your breasts, rub your thighs. Whatever gets you hot, there are no rules when you masturbate! Then, if a toy is for you, break one out! There are so many to choose from, we’ll save that for another blog. But if you need help, our Guide to Masturbation may be helpful.

Lube please!

Fantasy Gifts NJ is a big fan of lube, whether you are playing alone or with a partner. If you’re using a toy or using your fingers, lube will make you wetter and can help prevent vaginal tears. Just remember to use a lube that is compatible with you and your toy. If you’re using a silicone toy, use a water based or hybrid lubricant.

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