How to Help Your Partner Achieve Orgasm More Easily

Orgasms are wonderful, but that doesn’t mean they always happen. People often feel awkward or guilty if only one partner orgasms and the other is left out. With so much pressure and expectation around orgasms, it’s time to leave it all behind and help you and your partner orgasm more easily.

Many things can affect one’s ability to have an orgasm and no two people experience it the same. Understanding these factors can better help you and your partner.


This is a factor people often forget to check when it comes to any sexual interaction with a partner. For some people, sex helps them feel better after a couple of rough days. For others, they can be holding too much tension, and not even be aware of it. It can keep them from orgasming or feel like it was difficult for them to have an orgasm. If it seems like your partner needs a little extra help, don’t forget to check in on them emotionally.

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Sensation & Communication

To each their own. Some people have a sweet spot that needs to be warmed up while others may need a full workup and routine just to get them somewhere. Some people have a difficult time orgasming with general sensation, while others do not. Adding a vibrator from your local sex toy shop or other toys can be the final touch your partner needs to reach orgasm. The odds are, they know what they need, this but haven’t said anything. Other people are upfront and know what they want and exactly how to ask for it. The best way to find your partner’s sweet spot and how to use it properly is communication. Different people are comfortable with different types of sex or sensations. The key is to talk it out and work together so you can help them out.
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Be Selfless

If you want to help your partner orgasm easier, then practice on them. Practice as in, take into consideration all of their emotional needs, their sexual preferences, and pleasures, and give them some dedicated time. Forget about your needs and focus on making them feel good. Spend time giving them their favorite sensations. You will start to learn how to enhance their pleasure and help them orgasm more easily. Being selfless in the bedroom every once in a while will help your partner, and maybe your selflessness will inspire them to return the favor.

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