No one really writes love letters any more. Sadly, in this day of Tinder and hook-ups, your expression of love is more likely to look like a cartoon version of a farmer’s market than a heartfelt letter of lust. On the upside, sexting is a lot of fun and a lot easier then penning a poem! And we have a large collection of novelties that will help you say what you really want to say!

If you haven’t really sexted before, you might feel like you need a dictionary in order to figure out what ???????????? actually means, or why a man might respond to your offer to come over with ???? or—if he’s being more honest—????. But honestly, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to sexting with emojis. It’s not brain surgery, it’s just fun! Plus sometimes a little confusion can be fun!

Basic Bodyparts

An eggplant ???? means penis.

Fuzzy peach ???? means butt.

Mouth ???? lets your partner know where to put their lips!

Sex Acts

OK Hand sign ???? means anal sex

Pointed Finger ???? means fingering

Sweat droplets ???? means orgasm

Volcano ???? can also mean orgasm

Banana ???? + Donut ???? means anal sex

The Flag for Gävleborg ???????????????????? means SEX

Waving Hand ???? means spanking

Food Emojis

Hot Dog ???? means penis

Oyster ???? means vagina

Taco ???? also means vagina

An eggplant ???? means penis.

Fuzzy peach ???? means butt.

Combine emojis to make your wants and desires known! Want even more sexy emojis? Try a site like Porn Emoji! And don’t forget to check out our whole selection of sexy emoji games and novelties at Fantasy Gifts NJ!

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