Corset 101

Corsets are made with vertical boning, which comes in different types. The boning can be made from flexible plastic, or from steel. A corset made with steel boning may sound scary, but since the boning is covered with soft fabric, these styles can be surprisingly comfortable to wear. It will shift effortlessly from underwear to outerwear, and back again. Depending on the style, a corset can even be a stand-in for your bra and your top. Try wearing a corset laced up over a pretty blouse. When you wear a corset over a soft cotton top, it’ll feel comfortable against your skin — even when it’s tightly laced.

A leather corset with the Curvy Underbust style is a perfect style for waist-training. If you pair it with a blouse that has a ruffled front and pleated puff sleeves, it gives the look of a ‘saloon girl’ in the ‘wild west.’ The blouse’s delicate feminine feel is a nice contrast to the sleekness of the leather.

Pair It With Pants – Jeans, or any other type of slim-fitting pant, will look great with a corset. It’s an outfit you can wear anywhere, everyday. If you were to substitute a full skirt for the pants, the outfit might go from ‘cool’ to looking too much like a costume. Plain pants ‘ground’ the look a little bit, making it look more practical—with a touch of ‘cowgirl.’

Fashion Tip: When wearing a corset with pants, make sure it’s long enough. It should overlap your pant’s waistline a little—it may look funny if it ends too high. But, typically a corset will extend beyond the waistline, to the hips, so it will pair well with most types of pants—even low-waisted jeans.

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