How to Wear Lingerie Outside

how to wear lingerie outside

Maximize your lingerie purchase by learning how to wear your lingerie outside! These pieces are too pretty to keep covered up! After all, these pieces are so beautiful it’s a shame to cover them up or save them just for one (or two) sets of eyeballs. So how to wear your sexiest lingerie outside?

Wearing lingerie is all about confidence. No matter what your size or body type, if you are wearing a well-fitting piece of lingerie, and you know you look good, you can sell it! That’s why we carry sizes from extra-small all the way to 4X! When looking for a piece of lingerie, maximize your assets!

We’ve always said that God don’t make ugly! Big bootie and big bust? Big assets! Play them up with thongs and open cup corsets! Small boobs and no butt! Look for push ups and cinched waists. Have a flaw to cover? That’s why baby dolls were invented!

If you want to wear these pieces as outwear, it’s quite simple. Garter belts are an easy way to start. You can easily wear these under any garment. Trust us, it’ll make you feel strong and sexy!

A sexy body stocking can also easily be worn as outerwear. Just wear a cute mini to cover your butt and let the top of the body stocking peek out under a sheer blouse or cute jacket.

Even a piece of lingerie that is completely sheer can still be worn as outerwear, just wear a cute bra/panty set underneath. Maybe you can’t get away with this look at work, but you definitely can at a club!

Whether it’s a sheer blouse, open jacket or a top with a low neckline, let your cute lingerie shine through! Just remember, to keep your delicates lasting longer, make sure to always hand wash in cold and line dry!

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