Candy isn’t just for kids! Fantasy Gifts NJ sells adult candy year round, but Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s are even more popular times to sample some sweet treats! Here’s a sampling of some of our more unique grown up sweet treats!

Whether you’re looking for a penis shaped sucker, or something a little more tame, candy has been one of staple items since we opened in 1980. Some candy falls in the line oral sex play with products like BJ Blast, Good Head Gel and the newest Poppin Rock Candy.

If you remember Pop Rocks as kid, you’ll love Poppin Rock Candy. Just like Pop Rocks, you put them in your mouth and they sizzle and pop. Imagine what happens you put your partner in your mouth too! And the flavors are unique – in addition to the standard fruit flavors of Apple, Strawberry and Grape, Poppin Rock Candy also comes in Crackling Cola, Orange Creampop and Vanilla Blast.

Edible sexy wear is also popular. From Candy G-String, Bras and Cock Rings to the classic edible underwear, these items are more than just fun novelties. They’re yummy foreplay!

Seasonal candy offerings include naughty candies for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day that you won’t find at your local drugstore. Bachelorette candies of course are sold year round with penis shaped items outselling boob shaped items 5-1!

Candy isn’t the main course, or even a side dish to foreplay and sex, it’s simply a fun garnish! New candy games even do double duty! Candy items appeal to the couple who wants something quick and fun to sweeten up their routine. And at such a low cost, who doesn’t want a sweet treat at the end of the day?

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