International Clitoris Week

Just as Masturbation May was started as a protest, International Clitoris Week was also started to open up a discussion on vulva-owner’s right to sexual pleasure. International Clitoris Week was actually started back in 2013 by a Clitoraid, a Las Vegas organization that works to reverse female genital mutilation (FGM), restore sensation, and provide women (in a non-creepy sexual way) their first orgasm – but this is not why they started the celebration. The clitoris has been largely ignored in sex education classes and is even a hush-hush topic as we get older. But, why?

What IS the Clitoris?

The clitoris is what LOOKS like a pea-sized organ at the top of the vulva – it may be obvious, or it may be hidden by the clitoral hood or the labia. I emphasize the word looks because the clitoris is ACTUALLY about 5 inches long, found on the inside of the body, and rests on the sides of the vagina. The clitoris as made of spongey tissue that gets swollen when aroused – all very similar to a penis – but the tip of the clitoris holds 8,000 nerve endings – double the amount found in the head of a penis. Majority of women (81.6% per PleasureBetter) do not orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone and need clitoral stimulation. But this doesn’t answer why education on or conversation of the clitoris is ignored.

Reproductive Health and Sexual Education

The Clitoris and Vulva

Of the states that do offer a comprehensive sexual education, the clitoris (or the orgasm might I add) is still not covered in these classes and is most likely because there seems to be no reproductive function of the clitoris whatsoever – weird right? In fact, in many medical and popular articles on the clitoris will all claim that the clitoris is the ONLY organ that exists purely for pleasure (hence the FGM found in many cultures that see sex for its reproduction value only). The clitoris has be discovered too many times to count: stories about its name are found in Greek mythology, some articles state it was originally (they probably mean medically) found in the 1500’s, and the current joke is that penis-owners still cannot find it to this day – just in case there is any validity to this joke, we’ve included a map.

The REAL Importance

There is so much more to consider when putting a spotlight on the clitoris than just understanding it’s function – it’s about self-esteem and intimacy. Being able to masturbate in a way that is comfortable for a vulva owner allows them to explore and understand themselves and their bodies. In turn, this helps with reducing stress and promote mental wellness which also increases one’s self-esteem. Vulva owners can know their preferences can then effectively communicate these likes (or dislikes) to their partner and heighten intimacy. Fantasy Gifts has tons of clitoral vibes and other sexual enhancement stimulants for you to try. So what are you waiting for? Stop being ill-clitorat!

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