April 22 is International Lubricant Day and we are here to help you celebrate it!

Created in 2021, International Lubricant Day acknowledges that lubes are a key component of a healthy sex life. Lubricant not only enhances sensations, but it can make sexual activities more comfortable and pleasurable. Every night stand drawer, no matter how you identify, should have at least one good bottle of lubricant in it. Don’t believe us? Here are some great reasons to use a lubricant.

It reduces friction

This is one of the best reasons to use a lubricant. It’s literally the function of a good lube! Like an engine, it is used to prime the parts and make them ready for action. Even if you get wet naturally, a lubricant can still add an extra layer of cushion to help your partner, your finger, your toy, whatever you’re using, glide more freely. Did you know you can also use silicone lubricant as a way to prevent chub rub between your thighs?!

It can be fun

Lube has come a long way from K-Y Jelly (thank God!). There are water based lubricants, silicone lubricants, hybrid lubricants, flavored lubricants, even sensation lubricants that warm or chill for extra sensation play. No matter what type of sexual activity you age engaging in, the added benefit of a lubricant will only enhance the fun!

It makes anal sex easier

News flash – your anus does not naturally produce any wetness. That’s why if you are engaging in any anal play, you must use a lubricant. A Jelly Lubricant is naturally thicker and will cling to the tissue more and give you more of a cushion for your pushing!

It makes toy play more fun

Yes, even if you’re using a sex toy, a lube will make it more pleasurable! Using a sex toy with a lubricant will help it glide more easily, reducing the risk of microscopic tears. Just remember, if you’re using a silicone toy don’t use a silicone based lubricant, they don’t play well together! Use a water based or hybrid lubricant for best results.

It can help you get pregnant

No really! System JO Actively Trying Personal Lubricant is a water based personal lubricant that mimics the pH of sperm. By providing immune support for sperm, this lube can relieve vaginal dryness without harming sperm so it makes trying to get pregnant even more fun!

It can prevent STD’s

Also true! Not only does lubricant reduce the friction that may cause condoms to break, it also can minimize the chance of contracting a STI. How you ask? By reducing friction it prevents tears in the skin of the vagina and anus through which those pesky little STI’s can enter your body. Sliquid Naturals Sea Lubricant contains Carrageenan has been shown in some studies to reduce the transmission of HPV (Human Pappilomavius).

It works for all ages

Age is not a factor in lubrication. In fact, no matter how old you are and who you are having sex with, a good lube will make your sexual experience better. There’s a common misconception around young women that lube is only for menopausal women which is simply not true. Women at any age can experience vaginal dryness whether it’s just stressed induced, they’re not aroused enough, their cycle is factoring into it, or even because they’re partner’s size is making penetration difficult. No matter what the reason, women of all ages should acknowledge the need for lubrication.

This article was originally posted on April 21, 2022.

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