International Swingers Day

This is not your typical international holiday – and it definitely isn’t about people who swing on swings at parks. This is about those who may have several partners outside their primary relationship or can be an unpartnered individual. Sexual identity or gender do not matter when it comes to this lifestyle either, it’s just whoever you may be attracted to and want to explore more sexual boundaries. It can be with a consistent person(s) or occasionally random while attending sex and swingers parties. You can be a soft swinger – meaning you don’t engage in penetrative sex with a partner but engage in other sexual activities or a hard swinger where they do engage that penetrative sex. This is not to be confused by individuals in a polyamorous relationship or other non-monogamous relationships – this is purely to enjoy sex! Here are some great products to use at a swingers party or with any partner you may swing with:

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