Introducing the Magic Wand Plus!

It’s true! Magic Wand, now celebrating 50 years of success, has come out with a third version! We all know the  Magic Wand® is one of the best sex toys ever. Now a new corded version of the Magic Wand® Original has been released! The Magic Wand® Plus is now available giving customers a third option to the legendary line up of the corded Magic Wand® Original and Magic Wand® Rechargeable.

It’s hard to improve on such a classic! When the rechargeable version was released, it became an instant best seller and customers loved the choice of the classic original or the increasingly popular rechargeable version. The Magic Wand® Plus offers customers the legendary, powerful, penetrating vibrations that boasts several exciting features; new simplistic push button controls, variable speed control with four power intensities, silicone head, 100-240v compatible power adapter, and removable power cord.

Celebrating 50 years since the release of the Magic Wand Original, Hitachi repeats its success with the Magic Wand Plus. “Hitachi has always been a best seller for us. It’s one of the products that most customers ask for by brand name, ” says Dee Bertino, owner of Fantasy Gifts NJ. “We’re thrilled that Hitachi has added a new addition to their family and we’re confident our customers will love the new removable cord feature while still enjoying the power and function they’ve come to expect from Hitachi.”

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