Introducing Xtra Silky from System JO

xtra silky from system jo

Fantasy Gifts NJ is proud to introduce Xtra Silky from System JO! We’ve been carrying System JO since the beginning. We love their dedication to producing quality lubricants at affordable prices and Xtra Silky is a great addition!

Xtra Silky is the company’s “newest and thinnest” silicone lubricant and designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication. We know there are a TON of lubricants out there! When we’re looking at which lubricants to bring into our store, we look for quality, price point and what hole it fills in our current inventory. Xtra Silky from System JO checks all three boxes! Obviously, it’s a quality product – it’s from System JO! The price point for a silicone lubricant is also very reasonable. But what we love most about it is its uniqueness! We have many fine silicone lubricants but the thinness and lightness of this formula is what makes it special. It reduces friction without the heavy, gloppy feeling of other lubricants.

“Xtra Silky enhances the pleasures of intimacy by helping to reduce friction and empower couples’ intimate creativity,” said a System JO rep. “This is really the perfect blend of pharmaceutical and flirty; a fantastic product designed with safety in mind, but ideal for other exciting adventures like an erotic couples massage.”

A rep described the formulation as “incredibly long-lasting” with Vitamin E for “optimal moisturization that hydrates and protects” and “just three simple, high-quality ingredients. No preservatives, fragrances or siloxanes.”

Fantasy Gifts NJ is offering the lubricant in a convenient travel-friendly 2 ounce size. It retails for $16.99.

Adapted from XBiz Magazine, JC Adams, February 19, 2021.

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