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Lady Genevieve

Tryst – (v) keep a private, romantic rendezvous, (n) a private, romantic rendezvous between lovers; a couple’s toy created by Doc Johnson that has won Cosmopolitan’s Sex Toy of the Month in June 2016 and has been called THE couples sex toy… and here I am trying to figure out WHY (read that with sarcasm and a hint of despair).  “But Lady Genevieve, you recommended it in your wish list!” – First off, it was originally on my wish list because I’ve been hoping to own one since I started working at the store.  My next wish list will have a time machine listed so I can go back and convince myself that it is NOT worth it.  Second, anyone can fall victim to the seal of approval plastered on the box, myself included.

Let me start with describing the Tryst.  It it’s a horseshoe like shaped toy with 3 motors – 1 in each arm and one at the base of the toy.  At the base, there at two buttons – 1 for the arms and 1 for the base.  It comes with 7 functions – 3 different speeds and 4 different patterns.  Made with silicone, rechargeable, and splash proof but not water submersible.  Comes in 2 colors, black and purple (you probably all know what color I chose).

On my own, I tried every position from the diagram that Doc Johnson developed.  Not a single level of intensity nor position I used it in, had gotten me to orgasm.  Not once, and not even close.  I didn’t even enjoy using the arms of the Tryst on my nipples, which normally it doesn’t take much to get me aroused when it comes to my chesst.  I was even on my period when I first tried to use it (FUN FACT WOMEN ARE HORNIER ON THEIR PERIOD DO NOT DISMISS PERIOD SEX PEOPLE … that’ll be a blog for another time).  Any whoooo, I used both arms on and around my clit with no luck.  I thought “Maybe I just need to use one side to keep the complications of placement down,” but that only made it worse.  I tried using the base of it (nothing), I tried placing it over a dildo and working with the Tryst in the other positions (nada) – in fact, it was slightly worrisome for potentially using it with a partner.  It even tries to tell you to use the arms for g-spot stimulation (uhhh what person on this earth has their anatomy to even use the Tryst like that?!).  Porn and using female arousal stimulants were even useless because the toy itself seemed to just take me out of the moment.  Too much thinking to try and enjoy it, so I went back and used one of my usual toys to finish the job and went on my merry day.

I got to use my Tryst with Lance over the weekend and who better to use it with than someone who you have trysts with!?  No one at all…seriously.  The answer to that question is to not use the Tryst with anyone at all.  So here’s what happened:  I hand it to him and he thought it was cool and asked me the usual questions of how it works and what I thought thus far and basically told him what I’ve just told you.  We decided to give some of the male/couples positions a try.  For him, he did enjoy having the Tryst’s base sit on top on his testicles while I performed oral sex on him.  BUT – and this is a big but – you cannot masturbate with the actual toy so you’re hoping to hold it steady while rubbing one out. Although it felt great for him alone or with oral, as soon as we started using it while having vaginal sex, it got so complicated.  While he was on top, it fell off of him/moved a couple of times and no one wants to constantly readjust them self.  While I was on top, it was uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and we were both starting to lose our momentum and interest.  Eventually we just tossed it aside and went back to our normal programming.

I must say I am very disappointed in a toy I thought I would love, especially one that for a couple of years has been a unique, one-of-a-kind couple’s universal use toy.  I even thought I was crazy for being disappointed, so I went and did my own research (as I should have done prior to putting this on my list) and was surprised at what I found.  There are no other well-known bloggers I follow (and some smaller bloggers like myself) that had even reviewed this toy at all.  I found 1 blog that did mention it and they had a similar experience as myself – where solo-use was only enjoyed by the male partner, but any female use or couples activities were not so great.  Doc John’s website has a single 5 star review, but 1 review for how long it has been around?  I don’t trust it.  I also don’t trust the 38 reviews on Amazon because any product worth buying tends to have a lot more on that site.  Not to mention – DO NOT BUY TOYS OFF OF AMAZON OR EBAY THANK YOU.  Another “blog” I found actually sells the stuff, so my gut on that is they’re only saying good things because they’re trying to make a buck.  I want to be honest with you all and even working at the store, I’m starting to rethink my love for this toy.  You can take your chances with it, it is a higher end toy with a higher end price, but if you do your own research, I have a feeling that anything you find would be remotely convincing enough to put out the money and time in trying to use this toy.  Just because there is a seal on the box claiming greatest, does not mean everyone fancies that thing, so use your own judgment.

Stay Sexual!

*Please Note: We no longer sell this version of the Tryst – however, we have Tryst V2 which is virtually the same except the arms are BENDABLE.

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