June is Oral Sex Month and Fantasy Gifts is celebrating!

What started as a simple little day, June 9, has blossomed into an entire month! How did June 9 become Oral Sex Day? Think about it! It’s the ninth day of the sixth month – 6-9, 69 dude!

Whether you’re going down on a him or a her, technique is important – otherwise it’s just a hot mess! Let’s start with going down on him. I once had a girlfriend who thought giving a blow job meant just that. Imagine her date’s surprise when she tried to literally tried to bring him to orgasm by just blowing on his penis! Hopefully she’s learned a little since then, like an effective blow job involves more than just the penis. Learn how to Give Him Mind Blowing Oral Sex!

If you are new to oral sex or just want to hone in on your skills, we have several educational materials on the subject and you can take our oral sex advice on the best products to make sure June 9th is a hit in your bedroom.

Men have several sensitive parts down there and they all deserve attention.

The testicles should be stimulated by playing with his balls. His prostate, or p-spot, is said to be analogous to the women’s g-spot. It can be stimulated manually by using two knuckles to massage his perineum, or you can use a vibrator specifically designed to stimulate his p-spot. The Pipedream Beginner’s Anal Play Kit has everything you need to stimulate his p-spot while giving him oral satisfaction.

When performing oral sex, don’t forget the lubricant!

Doc Johnson’s Good Head Gel is specifically formulated to be used during oral sex. It provides a tingly, flavored sensation. Worried about gagging? Try a product like Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray. It’s a flavored desensitizing spray that lightly coats the back of the throat to suppress the gag reflex during oral sex. One of our favorite new products is the Doc Johnson Helping Head Ultimate BJ Helper. This is a 2″ mini stroker that fits over the shaft of the penis, leaving the most sensitive glands on the head of the penis free for oral stimulation. The combination is sure to make any man explode!

If the latest news stories involving Michael Douglas have taught us anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as safe sex. While you can’t get pregnant from oral sex, you can transmit sexual diseases, such as the HP virus. If you’re not in a safe, committed relationship, we recommend using a condom during oral sex. Flavored condoms are available in many flavors to maximize your enjoyment.

* This blog was updated on September 2, 2022 to remove or update links and information.

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