Khepher Games Sex Toy Seductions Pleasure Ring & Bullet

Features: Single Speed, Battery Operated, Vibrating
Manufacturer: Kheper Games
Item No.: BG.R104
Materials: TPE
Color: Purple & Metal Finish
Size:  7.5 x 2.5 x 7.5 in.
Weight: 11 oz.

In stock

Suprise and delight your lover with creative vibrating seductions. Break out this game for 2 –– each card has libido-stimulating ideas on how to add more stimulating sizzle and spice to what you're doing right now.

You get 24 game cards, a bullet vibrator, a penis ring, and a satin blindfold. Take turns pulling a card, then following the instructions laid out for you. In some way, the bullet vibe, penis ring and blindfold will be used in your seduction –– individually, or all at once.

• Sex Toy Seduction Game
• Boxed game with cards, penis ring, bullet vibe, blindfold
• Bullet vibe also fits on penis ring to make it vibrate when worn
• 24 cards, each with one scenario for you to act out with your partner
• Categories: For Her, For Him, For Both
• Game also comes in Spanish, French, and German
• Bullet vibe uses 3 AG13 batteries, included
• From renown couples game maker Kheper Games

Kit Includes: A TPE stretchy pleasure ring, a silver bullet vibrator (with 3 AG13 batteries), a blindfold, 24 seduction cards, and tips on how to use your toys safely.

What do the cards say? What will they make you do?

• For Her example: "Bullet Train" is when you place the vibrating penis ring on an insertable sex toy –– then use it!

• For Him example: "Kept Man" puts him in a kitchen chair blindfolded, his hands tied to the chair with neckties –– his partner then uses the vibrating bullet on his different erogenous zones.

• For Both example: "Shock The Doggie" suggests different ways to wear the vibrating penis ring during doggie style position.

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